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Enpuku ji

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Affiliation  Shingon
Country  Japan
Deity  Eleven-Faced Kannon
Phone  +81 479-22-1741
Location  293 Babachō Chōshi, Chiba Prefecture
Completed  ca. 810-824 (traditionally)
Address  293 Babacho, Choshi, Chiba Prefecture 288-0054, Japan
Similar  Kannon Station, Ryūshō‑in Temple, Mangan‑ji Temple, Kōzō‑ji, Nago‑dera

Enpuku-ji (円福寺) is a Buddhist temple located in the city of Chōshi in Chiba Prefecture. According to tradition, the temple was founded by Kūkai between 810 and 824 AD, and possibly sits on the site of a former temple called Iinuma-ji. According to tradition, in this period Kūkai built a dōu (堂宇) main hall and conducted services at the temple. Enpuku-ji is the 27th station on the Bandō Sanjūsankasho circuit of temples in Eastern Japan, sacred to Goddess Kannon. The majority of buildings in the temple complex were destroyed during the aerial bombing of Chōshi in World War II.


Cultural Treasures

  • Important Cultural Property of Japan
  • Nyō (), a Heian period cast-bronze gong used for Buddhist rituals. Currently housed at the Nara National Museum
  • Chiba Prefectural Cultural Property
  • Temple bell (梵鐘, bonshō) carrying the nengō "Kyōtoku 11" (i.e., the 11th year of the Kyōtoku period, 1462)
  • Shaka Nehan-zu, a Buddhist scroll in three parts
  • Order in Buddhist pilgrimages

    Enpuku-ji is the 27th temple in the Bandō Sanjūsankasho, a pilgrimage circuit of 33 Buddhist temples in the Kantō region of eastern Japan dedicated to the Bodhisattva Kannon.


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