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Country  Finland
Charter  1882
Municipal tax rate  19.75%
Local time  Saturday 3:15 AM
Sub-region  Savonlinna sub-region
Time zone  EET (UTC+2)
Area  419.2 km²
Region  Southern Savonia
Area rank  232nd largest in Finland
Weather  1°C, Wind W at 10 km/h, 87% Humidity

Enonkoski is a municipality of Finland. It is located about 30 kilometres (19 mi) north of Savonlinna in the province of Eastern Finland and is part of the Southern Savonia region.


Map of 58175 Enonkoski, Finland


Enonkoski was founded in 1882. Before that it was part of Kerimäki and Heinävesi. The major reason for the foundation of independent parish of Enonkoski happened in 1858. Enonkoski did not have its own church, and on Sundays people had to row to the church to Kerimäki, a parish Enonkoski was part of that time. In 1858 there was a church boat accident in the lake Ylä-Enonvesi, which led to the death of eight people. After that, a Russian businessman and a leader of an Enonkoski glass factory and a sawmill decided to build a church in Enonkoski. He is alleged to have said: "the people in Enonkoski do not anymore have to drown on their trips to the church". The wooden church was built in the next year but it was destroyed in a fire caused by lightning in 1884. A new church made of wood, which is still in use, was built in 1886.


The municipality is unilingually Finnish.

There also is a Russian speaking minority.


The majority of the people living in Enonkoski are Evangelical Lutheran. There is a church in the centre of Enonkoski, built in 1886. The only Evangelical Lutheran monastery in Finland, the Monastic Protestant Community in Enonkoski, is located in Enonkoski.


Enonkoski has one main road which leads to Savonlinna, 33 kilometres (21 mi) away. It also has other roads which lead to the small dock neighborhood called Hyypiänniemi and to another area known as Hanhivirta.


Enonkoski is a very small town, with two small supermarkets, a gas station, a gift shop, and several bakeries/cafés and a bar infamous to the local population for the drunks that lounge around the area. It also has an old peoples home called Iltasatu literally meaning bedtime story.

Towards the edge of the town, near a fire station, there is a running track with a well-kept field (usually used for association football) in the middle. In addition, there is a school (grades 1–9) which has an ice skating rink, used in the winter, and an indoor sports arena. Adjacent to the school is a beautiful small library built in 1992.

Enonkoski also has a rehab facility for drug addicts.


The largest business in the town is a fish research plant where they raise fish in a controlled environment and then release them into the lakes which are abundant in the area.


Enonkoski has a juniors and senior volleyball team Enonkosken Pyrintö playing in the second highest tier of men's volleyball in Finland. Football club Karvilan Kivekkäät has a couple of youth teams and a women's team that won the regional championship in 2009. There is also a cross country track used for cross-country skiing in winter and jogging in summer. Participation in the yearly skiing competitions is very high. Orienteering is also quite popular sport. The sports club for athletics, skiing and orienteering is called Enonkosken Urheilijat.


Hanhijärvi, Ihamaniemi, Joutsenmäki, Karvila, Laasala, Makkola, Muhola, Paakkunala, Parkumäki, Simanala, Suurimäki and Vuorikoski are villages in Enonkoski.

Border changes

In 2009 the neighbouring municipalities of Enonkoski, Savonranta and the city of Savonlinna, unified as a one municipality. According to the law of Finland, the unifying municipalities must have a land connection between them, which Savoninna and Savonranta did not have. Because of that a land strip of 31.24 square kilometres (12.06 sq mi) was taken off from the area of Enonkoski municipality to connect the parts together.


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