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Engie Benjy

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Opening theme  "Engie Benjy"
Running time  24 minutes
First episode date  4 September 2002
Network  CITV
6.5/10 IMDb

Country of origin  United Kingdom
Distributor  CITV
Final episode date  6 September 2004
Cast  Declan Donnelly
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Ending theme  "Engie Benjy" (Instrumental)
Production company(s)  Cosgrave Hall FilmsCITV
Genre  Children's television series
Similar  Roary the Racing Car, Fifi and the Flowertots, Tractor Tom, Grizzly Tales for Gruesom, Pocoyo

Engie Benjy is a pre-school children's television show, broadcast on ITV's children's strand, CITV. Engie Benjy is a blue haired boy, a mechanic who helps fix problems with his friends' vehicles. His dog is Jollop and his breakdown van is Dan the Van. Other characters include Driver Dottie, Astronaut Al and Farmer Fred. The vehicles included in the show are Dan the breakdown van, Gus the bus, Mike the bike, Shane the plane, Ploat the boat, Macta the tractor, Big Rig the truck and Jason the spaceship.


Engie Benjy Engie Benjy Abertura Encerramento YouTube

The main character voices were provided by television double act, Ant and Dec. In the first series Dec voiced the title role of Engie Benjy while Ant voiced his dog, Jollop. In the third series another character was added for Ant to voice called Trucker Troy, Engie Benjy's cousin. Astronaut Al was voiced by Les Dennis, Driver Dottie by Teresa Gallagher, and Fisherman Fin and Messenger Mo by David Holt.

Engie Benjy Engie Benjy 3x10 Cupcake Catchers YouTube

The theme tune was composed and sung by Clint Boon, the keyboard player with the Inspiral Carpets, with character voices by Ant and Dec.

Engie Benjy Engie Benjy The Big Sleep 2004 episode YouTube

The show was created by Bridget Appleby at Cosgrove Hall Films, and first shown on CITV, and it is also seen on Nick Jr. Four series of 13 episodes were made, with first broadcasts from 2002 to 2005. It has been sold in over 80 territories worldwide.

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In Canada, the show was aired on YTV. It was seen on the VHS Tape Release from Video International Collection and Rights Entertainment in 2009.

Engie Benjy Engie Benjy Plane Come Home YouTube

Six DVDs of episodes were issued between 2003 and 2005.

In 2009, Engie Benjy along with several other well known children's characters appeared on The Official BBC Children in Need Medley by Peter Kay's Animated All Star Band.

Series guide

  • Series 1: 13 episodes - First shown from 4 September 2002
  • Series 2: 13 episodes - First shown from 9 September 2003
  • Series 3: 13 episodes - First shown from 22 March 2004
  • Series 4: 13 episodes - First shown from 6 September 2004
  • Series One

    1. Jollop to the Rescue
    2. Sleepwalking
    3. Panic at Sea
    4. Lift Off Day
    5. Painting Spaceship
    6. Plane Come Home
    7. The Spot
    8. Dirty Windows
    9. Jollop Mixtures
    10. Message for Bike
    11. Job Swap
    12. New Shoes for Spaceship

    Series Two

    1. Buses Need Holidays Too
    2. Nightlight
    3. Bad Hand Day
    4. Check Up Day
    5. Pete's New Plane
    6. Blooming Balloons
    7. Ice Fishing
    8. Gobstoppers
    9. Silly Bus Mood
    10. Who's Been Landing on My Mountain?
    11. Boat Takes a Trip
    12. Astronaut Jollop
    13. Snow Fun

    Series Three

    1. The Big Sleep
    2. Skyball
    3. Flying High
    4. Bus for a Day
    5. Spaceship Blues
    6. Harvest Helpers
    7. Traffic Trouble
    8. Boat's Fishy Friend
    9. A Horn for Spaceship
    10. Cupcake Catchers
    11. The Doughnut Downpour
    12. Double Trouble
    13. Boisterous Bike

    Series Four

    1. Share and Share Alike
    2. Hide and See-Saw
    3. The Sea Sneezes
    4. The Great Race
    5. Splish Splosh Bus
    6. Jollop in the Driving Seat
    7. Night of the Sherbet Stars
    8. Big Rig's Big Mess
    9. The Big Kite Flight
    10. The Night Flight
    11. Lost Horizon
    12. Dan Day
    13. Snow Daze


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