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Emir Işılay

Name  Emir Isilay
Education  Berklee College of Music
Emir Isilay emirisilaynetwpcontentuploads201202IMG4840
Role  Film composer ·
Music director  Random Encounters, Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf, Mila Dear To All, MindFlux, Grill Check
Similar People  Richard Foreman, Yoko Ono, David Patrick Kelly, Eric Bogosian, Willem Dafoe

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Emir Işılay is a Turkish jazz and film composer and pianist/keyboardist. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and has worked as a music arranger/orchestrator/engineer on projects including TV series Boomtown (NBC) and Eyes (ABC), as well as the feature film Soul Plane (MGM). He also wrote additional music for the WB TV series Aaron Spelling production Summerland for the 1st and 2nd seasons (26 episodes) and Lifetime Television feature production "Murder on Pleasant Drive". He has played performed or worked with artists such as David Foster, Russell Ferrante, Heitor Pereira, Marco Mendoza, Michael Landau, Simon Phillips, and Jon Finn. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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Love Is All Around2015
Tracking in Feelings2004
Find Your MagicChristmas in Wien - Chilled Tunes for Relaxed X-Mas Days · 2014


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