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Eloy Cavazos

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Name  Eloy Cavazos

Role  Matador
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VAM en el anecdotario del matador Eloy Cavazos CONARTE (18 de Abril 2018)

VAM - Eloy Cavazos justificándose en CONARTE (18 de Abril 2018)

Eloy Cavazos (born 1949) was one of Mexico's top matadors. He was also known as "The Little Giant" and "The Pride of Guadalupe".


Eloy Cavazos Eloy Cavazos en Corrida de Toros a Beneficio del DIF Nuevo


Eloy Cavazos Cavazos se lo piensa Regresar

Cavazos was born on August 25, 1949 in Ciudad Guadalupe, Nuevo León, México.

Personal Information

Eloy Cavazos After 44 Years Eloy Cavazos to Retire Again

He resides in Guadalupe, Nuevo León, a suburb of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon México. Eloy Cavazos is respected as one of Mexico's top matadors, and has been such for decades.

Debut, Alternativa, Confirmación


Debut in Plaza México:

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He debuted in Plaza México on July 12, 1966, with Gonzalo Iturbe and Leonardo Manzanos.

Eloy Cavazos Eloy Cavazos Alternativa de oro


Eloy Cavazos Eloy Cavazos regresa a los ruedos El Informador

He took his alternativa in Plaza Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, on August 28, 1966. His Padrino was Antonio Velázquez. His Testigo was Manolo Martinez. His first bull was named "Cariñoso", from the ranch of San Miguel Mimiahuapam.

Confirmación en México:

He took his confirmación in Plaza México, on January 14, 1968. His Padrino was Alfredo Leal. His Testigo was Jaime Rangel. Bulls were from the ranch of Jesús Cabrera.

Confirmación en Madrid:

He took his confirmación in Madrid, Spain, on May 22, 1971. HIs Padrino was Miguel Mateo "Miguelín". His Testigo was Gabriel de la Casa. Bulls were from the ranch of José Luis Osborne.


Unlike some matadors who are well known for their hard partying lifestyle, Eloy Cavazos is known and respected for his professionalism and a disciplined lifestyle that he has maintained throughout his career. This pattern was evident from his beginnings with his late mentor, the Matador Jaime Bravo, who would make sure that Eloy did not drink, went to bed early, and woke up early to train.


  • Eloy Cavazos's Banderillero is his brother.
  • Eloy Cavazos's Picador is his Mozo De Espadas (sword handler) son.
  • Jaime, his son, is named after Eloy's mentor, the late Matador Jaime Bravo.
  • Eloy Cavazos and Jaime Bravo were in a tragic 1970 automobile accident, near Zacatecas, México. Eloy survived. Jaime died, shortly thereafter. Their driver died in the accident. The accident occurred after a bullfight, in Zacatecas, where Jaime Bravo had just won that year's "Golden Sword" award. The sword disappeared in the accident.
  • The Mexican Matador Alejandro Amaya is regarded as Eloy Cavazos's protégé.
  • Eloy Cavazos's manager, Rafael Baez, had also been the late Matador Jaime Bravo's manager.
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