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Eleven Men Out

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Genre  Comedy, Drama, Romance
Budget  1.5 million EUR
Country  Iceland/Finland/UK
5.1/10 IMDb

Director  Robert Ingi Douglas
Initial DVD release  January 11, 2007 (France)
Language  Icelandic
Eleven Men Out movie poster
Release date  September 2, 2005 (Iceland) September 9, 2005 (Toronto Film Festival) July 19, 2006 (France) November 16, 2007 (U.S.)
Writer  Robert I. Douglas, Jon Atli Jonasson
Initial release  September 2, 2005 (Iceland)
Cast  Björn Hlynur Haraldsson (Ottar Thor), Lilja Nótt Þórarinsdóttir (Gugga), Arnmundur Ernst Björnsson (Magnus), Helgi Björnsson (Pétur), Þorsteinn Bachmann (Georg), Sigurður Skúlason (Eirikur)
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Tagline  The beautiful game just got prettier

Strakarnir okkar eleven men out 2005 movie trailer

Eleven Men Out (Icelandic: Strákarnir okkar ( pronunciation )) is comedy-drama directed by Robert Ingi Douglas. The film participated in the Toronto International Film Festival (2005), the Berlin International Film Festival (2006), and the Hawaii International Film Festival.


Eleven Men Out movie scenes

eleven men out trailer

Plot summary

Eleven Men Out movie scenes

Ottar Thor is the star player of the Icelandic football team KR (Reykjavík FC). He is a well liked player who causes a stir when he admits being gay to his team mates and then goes on a journey to discover himself (with the help of the local press). He soon finds himself on the bench for most of his team's matches and decides to call it quits with KR. He joins a small amateur team mainly made up of men like himself - gay guys trying to play soccer in a straight world.

Eleven Men Out movie scenes

The director of KR, who happens to be Ottar Thor's father, tries everything in his power to persuade Ottar to come back and play for his team, but the catch is that he needs to get himself back into the closet before playing pro football again. A struggle between father and son starts. Ottar Thor also has a son, a teenager that is not coping too well with all the attention his father is getting, for all the wrong reasons.

Eleven Men Out movie scenes

Ottar Thor finally gives into his father and returns to KR on the condition that KR plays one match against the gay team. His father accepts this condition, not realising that the match will take place on Gay Pride Day.

Main cast

Eleven Men Out movie scenes
  • Björn Hlynur Haraldsson as Ottar Thor
  • Lilja Nótt Þórarinsdóttir as Gugga
  • Arnmundur Ernst as Magnus
  • Helgi Björnsson as Pétur
  • Þorsteinn Bachmann as Georg
  • Sigurður Skúlason as Eiríkur
  • Lilja Guðrún Þorvaldsdóttir as Ragnheiður
  • Jón Atli Jónasson as Orri
  • Björk Jakobsdóttir as Lára
  • Damon Younger as Brósi
  • Erlendur Eiríksson as Alfreð
  • Valdimar Örn Flygenring as Valdi
  • Marius Sverrisson as Starri
  • Viðir Guðmundsson as Daníel
  • Magnús Jónsson as Aron
  • Davíð Guðbrandsson as Ingvar
  • Jóhann G. Jóhannsson as Matthias
  • Árni Pétur Guðjónsson as Logi
  • Jón Ingi Hákonarson as Straight Leikmadur
  • Serouna Yansane as Percy
  • Jón Jósep Snæbjörnsson as Stebbi1
  • Ísgerður Elfa Gunnarsdóttir as Sigurbjörg
  • Hilmar Jonsson as Viktor
  • Stefán Jónsson as Ási Sálfræðingur
  • Pétur Einarsson as Björgvin
  • Elli Johannesson as Gunnar
  • Gudmundur Thorvaldsson as Markmadur (as Guðmundur Ingi Þorvaldsson)
  • Ívar Örn Sverrisson as Liðsmaður KR1
  • Felix Bergsson as Dómari
  • Ingibjörg Reynisdóttir as Blaðakona
  • Björn Ingi Hilmarsson as Logregulumadur
  • Thelma Bjork Jonsdottir as Logreglukona
  • Bergur Þór Ingólfsson as Lidsmadur SAA1,
  • Arnar Björnsson as Actor
  • Róbert I. Douglas as Hommahatari I Utvarpi
  • Gunnþór Sigurðsson as Actor
  • Erling Jóhannesson as Actor
  • Nanna Ósk Jónsdóttir as Samsidanith (Sigga)
  • Pattra Sriyanonge as Rosa - Goth Girl
  • Ingvar Þórðarson as Homma hatari
  • Þorsteinn Bachmann as Georg (uncredited)
  • Reception

    Eleven Men Out movie scenes

    The film has been compared to the 2004 German production Guys and Balls.


    Eleven Men Out was released on 31 August 2005.


    'Edda Awards' - Iceland

  • Nominated for an Edda Award for Best Film
  • Nominated for an Edda Award for Supporting Actor or Supporting Actress of the Year - Þorsteinn Bachmann
  • Nominated for an Edda Award for Supporting Actor or Supporting Actress of the Year - Helgi Björnsson
  • Nominated for an Edda Award for Supporting Actor or Supporting Actress of the Year - Jón Atli Jónason
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