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Elevator Action Old and New

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Release date(s)  JP: 20 December 2002
Initial release date  20 December 2002
Developers  Taito, Media Kite
Mode(s)  Up to 2 players
Platform  Game Boy Advance
Publishers  Taito, Media Kite
Elevator Action Old & New httpsrmprdsemediaimages44061ElevatorActi
Genre(s)  Action, Side-Scrolling, Platform game
Similar  Elevator Action EX, Elevator Action Returns, Elevator Action, Dexter's Laboratory: Robot Ra, Bubble Bobble Old & New

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Elevator Action Old & New (エレベーターアクション OLD&NEW) is an update to the Elevator Action video game. The game consist of the old and new game modes. In the old mode, it is a straight port of the NES game.


Elevator Action Old & New Elevator Action Old amp New Box Shot for Game Boy Advance GameFAQs

In new mode, player can choose between 3 characters (Robin, Berry, Fan(飯(ファン))) like Elevator Action EX, but bullet and grenades are now limited, and are counted as separate inventories. In addition, each stage has time limits. New items include sunglasses, bullet, watch, hamburger. There are 8 buildings in 1 player mode. In 2 player mode, players can play cooperatively or against each other.

Elevator Action Old & New Elevator Action Old amp New 2002 by Taito for GBA

4th character (隠丸) can be unlocked in new mode by completing new mode with all 3 characters. This character has faster movement than others, can fall for 1 whole floor without taking damage, but it cannot gain or use automatic weapon, and has maximum 1 life point at the beginning of a building.

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Elevator Action Old & New


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