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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Proboscidea
Genus  ElephasLinnaeus, 1758
Lifespan  Asian elephant: 48 years
Higher classification  Elephants
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Elephantidae
Scientific name  Elephas
Height  Asian elephant: 2.7 m
Mass  Asian elephant: 5,400 kg
Elephas Elephas maximus

Gestation period  Asian elephant: 18 – 22 months
Lower classifications  Asian elephant, Straight‑tusked elephant, Palaeoloxodon falconeri, Palaeoloxodon recki, Cyprus dwarf elephant

Asian elephants elephas maximus los angeles zoo

Elephas is one of two surviving genera in the family of elephants, Elephantidae, with one surviving species, the Asian elephant Elephas maximus.


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Several extinct species have been identified as belonging to the genus, including Elephas recki, Elephas antiquus, and the dwarf elephants E. falconeri and E. cypriotes. The genus is very closely related to the mammoth genus Mammuthus.

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Elephas maximus


Elephas is assigned to the proboscidean family Elephantidae and comprises one living and 10 extinct species:

Elephas Global Species Elephas maximus Asiatic Elephant Asian Elephant

  • Elephas maximus – Asian elephant
  • Elephas maximus indicus – Indian elephant
  • Elephas maximus maximus – Sri Lankan elephant
  • Elephas maximus sumatranus – Sumatran elephant
  • Elephas maximus borneensis – Borneo elephant, proposed but not yet recognized as valid;
  • Elephas maximus rubridens – Chinese elephant †
  • Elephas maximus asurus – Syrian elephant †
  • Elephas beyeri † – described from fossil remains found in 1911 in Luzon, Philippines by von Königswald;
  • Elephas celebensis † – Sulawesi dwarf elephant, described from southern Celebes by Hooijer in 1949;
  • Elephas ekorensis † – described from the Kubi Algi Formation, Turkana, Kenya;
  • Elephas hysudricus † – described from fossil remains found in the Siwalik hills by Falconer and Cautley, 1845;
  • Elephas hysudrindicus † – is a fossil elephant of the Pleistocene of Java and different from Elephas maximus;
  • Elephas iolensis
  • Elephas platycephalus

  • Elephas Elephas falconeri EoFauna

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