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Element Hunters

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7.2/101 Votes Alchetron
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6.3/10 IMDb

Music by  Toshihiko Sahashi
First episode date  4 July 2009
Number of episodes  39
6.7/10 MyAnimeList

8.3/10 TV

Original network  NHK
Final episode date  27 March 2010
Networks  NHK, KBS2, KBS1
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Directed by  Yoshiaki Okumura, Hunpyo Hong
Produced by  Yasuo Kagayama, Suntae Kim
Written by  Naruhisa Arakawa, Katsura Murayama, Michiko Itou, Takao Nakano, Hiro Masaki, Soutarou Hayashi
Studio  NHK Enterprises Heewon Entertainment
Genres  Science Fiction, Adventure fiction
Cast  Houko Kuwashima, Sanae Kobayashi, Sara Nakayama
Similar  Dennō Coil, Elemental Gelade, Ojarumaru, Sora no Manimani, Tokyo Magnitude 80

Element hunters with you

Element Hunters (エレメントハンター, Eremento Hantā, Hangul: 엘리먼트 헌터; RR: Elimeonteu Heonteo) is a 2009 anime series that began airing in Japan and Korea as a science-fiction adventure to generate more awareness in chemistry and other sciences. A manga series began at the same time, and has continued even after the anime ended in 2010. Bandai Namco has released a Nintendo DS game for Element Hunters, it was released on October 22, 2009 in Japan and on December 18, 2009 in South Korea.


Element Hunters Element Hunters Zerochan Anime Image Board

Element hunters episode 1


Element Hunters Element Hunters Zerochan Anime Image Board

In the year 2029, chemical elements such as oxygen, carbon, gold, molybdenum, and cobalt were continually disappearing from Earth. These disappearing elements ultimately disrupted the environment and led to the destruction of various homes, cities, and even entire countries. Researchers discovered that the vanishing elements drained into a planet called Nega Earth, located in another dimension. Element dematerialization was occurring rapidly; thus, to save Earth, three special pre-teens picked by the space colony government formed the Element Hunters. Their job was to transport themselves to Nega-Earth to battle monsters called Q-EXes and retrieve lost elements. However, out of their own concerns, Ren, Chiara, and Homi, a couple of average middle school students from Earth, banded together to also become Element Hunters. With the help of Professor Aimee Carr and Juno, they are able to help save their own planet.

Earth Team

Element Hunters httpsmyanimelistcdndenacomimagesanime921
Ren Karas (レン・カラス, Ren Karasu, Hangul: 렌 카라스; RR: Len Kalaseu)
Voiced by: Yūtarō Honjō (Japan) Voiced by: Misuk Jeong (Korea) Birth date: October 9, 2077 Age: 12 An energetic middle-schooler who always looks for exciting adventures. He lacks the patience for learning and prefers to meet challenges head on; however, once he became an Element Hunter, Ren took the time to study chemistry in order to better eliminate QEXes. Ren tends to act before thinking a lot; however, his ingenuity has helped his team win various battles. His parents own a restaurant, and his grandfather had close ties to Professor Aimee Carr. Even though he was elected vice-chairman to help Chiara, he tends to argue with her a lot. Element Hunters Element Hunters Pictures MyAnimeListnet
Chiara Ferina (キアラ・フィリーナ, Kiara Firīna, Hangul: 키아라 피리나; RR: Kiala Pilina)
Voiced by: Atsuko Enomoto (Japan) Voiced by: Jiyeon Seo (Korea) Birth date: April 8, 2077 Age: 12 A serious, intelligent, young girl who is best friends with Ren and Homi. Her motto is, "I am the judge and the jury." She transferred to the same town Ren lived in three years prior to the storyline, and because of her dedication, hard work, and independence, she plowed her way up to class chairman. Chiara and Ren both met Homi while helping each other saving Sena, a stray dog, during an episode of element dematerialization. She lives with her father, who is rather laid-back, and usually fulfills household duties. Even though her parents do not live together (but are not divorced), her mother still visits both Chiara and her father and keep in touch. Chiara considers herself the leader of the Earth Team, frequently putting her at odds with Ren. She eventually shows feelings for Rodney. Element Hunters Element Hunters Pictures MyAnimeListnet
Homi Nandie (ホミ・ナンディ, Homi Nandi, Hangul: 호미 난디; RR: Homi Nandi)
Voiced by: Hōko Kuwashima (Japan) Voiced by: Insil Oh (Korea) Birth date: April 10, 2077 Age: 11 A bookworm who, up until he meet Ren and Chiara, has always been alone. Though he is not physically healthy due to his cardiac disease, Homi is the smartest team member out of the Element Hunters from Earth and often acts as the team's strategist. After saving Sena, his dog, he befriends Ren and Chiara. He was actually adopted while he was younger by an elderly couple whom he now calls his grandparents. When Homi was little, he used to catch butterflies with his grandfather before he died. Now, he lives with his grandmother. After meeting Hannah, he finds out that both of them were man-made as a part of a government project. He considers Hannah to be his biological sister. Element Hunters Element Hunters JP ROM lt NDS ROMs Emuparadise
Ally Connolly (アリー・コナリー, Arī Konarī, Hangul: 아리 코넬리; RR: Ali Konelli)
Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi (Japan) Voiced by: Seon Lee (Korea) The former leader of the Colony team. She is from Egypt. Ally sent the Earth Team Booster Wear after acknowledging them as rivals in order to help them defeat more QEXes. During her time as captain of Element Hunters at the colony, she started questioning element dematerialization and the motives of the government. Soon afterwards, a terrible accident happened on Nega Earth that led everyone to believe she was dead. However, she actually survived and left the Element Hunters team in order to join Professor Aimee Carr on Earth. Chiara bought her clothes as a welcoming present shortly after Ally arrived on Earth. She is terrible at cooking and has made Ren faint from eating her food. Ally considers Juno to be her best friend.
Professor Aimee Carr (エイミー・カー博士, Eimī Kā Hakase, Hangul: 에이미 카 박사; RR: Eimi Ka Baksa)
Voiced by: Ako Mayama (Japan) Voiced by: Sora Yun (Korea) Before her death, Professor Carr had her conscious preserved digitally in order to continue existing as an information-based hologram. She found and convinced Ren, Chiara, and Homi to become the Element Hunters from Earth and guides them through their path to saving their planet. Professor Carr becomes annoyed whenever Ren calls her old; she subsequently electrocutes him afterwards. When Professor Carr was five years old, she shouted to the world, "I wish the Earth disappears," which managed to awaken creatures in the 11th dimension and thus caused the birth of the Earth's destruction.
Juno (ユノ, Yuno, Hangul: 유노; RR: Yuno)
Voiced by: Sara Nakayama (Japan) Voiced by: Jiyun Park (Korea) An android who serves as the assistant of Carr. She alerts the Earth Team when the presence of a QEX is detected. Juno often works on improving her human-like behaviors with them. Despite being an android, she dreams and cries. Later in the anime, when all of the Element Hunters are trapped on Nega Earth, Juno is melted along a vast amount of iron so she can appear in Nega Earth and tell the children how to get back home. She is the reason why the Earth Team is able to talk to Shape-Shifters on Nega Earth. At the end of the final episode she is seen smiling as she stands on top of a cliff watching the kids.

Colony Team

The team made up of children who have the ability to go to "Nega Earth." They are taken from Earth early in their lives and trained in the Space Colony to become Element Hunters.

Rodney Ford (ロドニー・フォード, Rodonī Fōdo, Hangul: 로드니 포드; RR: Rodeuni Podeu)
Voiced by: Nozomu Sasaki (Japan) Voiced by: Seokjeong Yang (Korea) A serious, handsome, and frequently elitist member of the colony team. He comes from a rich political family, though he is not proud of his connections. Though his father pressures him to leave Element Hunters, Rodney chooses not to and tries to achieve his goals in life without the help of his father. He is upset that Hannah was appointed as their leader after Ally left and tends not trust her. Rodney has strong feelings for Chiara and deeply cares for her. He often opposes Chiara embarking on any type of dangerous activity for fear of her getting hurt.
Tom Benson (トム・ベンソン, Tomu Benson, Hangul: 톰 벤슨; RR: Tom Benseun)
Voiced by: Akio Suyama (Japan) Voiced by: Dohyeong Nam (Korea) An aloof member of the colony team who has a quirky sense of humor. Tom was quicker to accept the Earth team among his team members. On Nega-Earth, he collected gems and named them in his spare time. Tom is obsessed with Hannah and was thrilled with Chiara gave him her signed autograph. Though Hannah always treated him with ill manners, he continually tries to befriend her. He worked in the research department at the Space Colony and developed transportation vehicles for use on Nega-Earth.
Hannah Weber (ハンナ・ウェーバー, Hanna Wēbā, Hangul: 한나 웨버; RR: Hanna Webeo)
Voiced by: Rie Yamaguchi (Japan) Voiced by: Jeongmi Bae (Korea) The newly appointed leader of the Colony team, after Ally left. She is a well-known celebrity and is the face of Mirai Orange. Her catchphrase is, "Smile with Mirai Orange." She is actually rather selfish and enjoys being by herself. Though she highly excelled in her childhood, she was constantly picked on because everybody back then knew that Hannah was created by the government as a tool. She has a foster father who often psychologically manipulated her in order to help him try and destroy Earth so that the colony could move to Mars instead. After she realized that she and Homi have the same shape for ears, they both discover that they are siblings.


Dan Karas (ダン・カラス, Dan Karasu, Hangul: 댄 카라스; RR: Daen Karaseu)
Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (Japan) Ren's father and the owner of the family-run restaurant, Dan Dan. After a head on encounter with elemental deterioration, he falls down a hole and breaks both his legs.
Ann Karas (アン・カラス, An Karasu, Hangul: 앤 카라스; RR: Aen Karaseu)
Voiced by: Akiko Hiramatsu (Japan) Ren's mother. She believes that Ren and Chiara have a mutual attraction towards each other, though they strongly deny it. Ren's biggest fear is his own mother.
Roberto Ferina (ロベルト・フィリーナ, Roberuto Firīna, Hangul: 로베르토 피리나; RR: Robereuto Pirina)
Chiara's dad. He is a carefree man, capable of laughing after losing his job. He shows strong moral courage and is never ashamed of whatever he loves to do. He is frequently seen watching TV episodes of "Element Five" --a TV show in which his wife plays the leading role. He gives advice to Chiara about love; he told her that though he argues with his wife, they still care for each other. His advice helped Chiara accept Rodney's confession.
Naomi Ferina (奈緒美・フィリーナ, Naomi Firīna, Hangul: 나오미 피리나; RR: Naomi Pirina)
Chiara's mother. She takes the lead role in a TV show called "Element Five", a Super Sentai series. She cares deeply for Chiara and looks kindly upon her husband. Despite being separated, they still love each other. Later, she and Hannah star in a new movie together.


  • Opening Theme : "First Pain" by Chiaki Ishikawa (Korean Version sung by Seondeok Choi)
  • Ending Theme : "H-He-Li-Be ~The magical spell~"" by Kakkii and Ash Potato(Korean Version sung by Mijin Kim, Namkyu Won, Taewook Lee and Kyoungwon Ju)
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