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Country  Turkey
Elevation  512 m
Local time  Wednesday 12:22 PM
Post code  79500
Area  205 km²
Province  Kilis Province
Weather  18°C, Wind E at 11 km/h, 38% Humidity

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Elbeyli, formerly Alimantar (Kurdish: Eliyê Mentarê‎), is a city and district of Kilis Province in Turkey.


Map of 79500 Elbeyli%2FKilis, Turkey

Elbeyli was controlled by the Seljuk Turks between 1040 and 1157, then the Ilkhanate, and finally by the Anatolian beylik of Dulkadirids before being brought into the Ottoman Empire by Selim I in 1517, following the Battle of Marj Dabiq.

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