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El Franco

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La Caridad

78.04 km²

Local time
Wednesday 1:16 AM

Autonomous community

Judicial district

Highest elevation
899 m (2,949 ft)

3,901 (2014)


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11°C, Wind SW at 8 km/h, 88% Humidity

Points of interest
Cuevas de Andina, Castro De Cabo Blanco, Playa de Cambaredo

El Franco is a municipality in the Autonomous Community of the Principality of Asturias. It is bordered on the north by the Cantabrian Sea, and to the west by Tapia de Casariego, to the south by Castropol and Boal, and to the east by Coaña. El Franco is part of the Comarca Eo Navia.


Map of El Franco, Asturias, Spain

The Porcia and Mazo Rivers pass through the municipality.


Artifacts from Neolithic Age book an early settlement of the region. Still today rests of Hill forts, in Arancedo as well as in the neighbouring Coaña and Mohias are visible. In the 18th century the old gold mines which are in use until today were found near the embankment castle of Arancedo. During the Middle Ages El Franco was split in the dioceses by Lugo and Oviedo, the administrative capital was in this time, Castropol. In 1852 the administrative seat was laid to El Franco finally in the Parroquia La Caridad where it is still today.


At the top of the employees lies the Livestock and Fishery. The milk industry is provided here still with the highest growth, after in the fishing the preventive measures of the EU started to reach. The tourism industry and administrative companies form the second largest position of the employers and the tourism shows the biggest growth of the region. Smaller, commercial companies and production companies are found predominantly in the small industrial parks of the adjoining municipality.


  • Arancedo
  • La Braña
  • La Caridad
  • Lebredo
  • Miudes
  • Prendones
  • Valdepares
  • Villalmarzo
  • Points of interest

  • La iglesia (Church) de Santa María, built on romanic Basementen finished in the 18th century
  • El palacio de Miudes from the 16th century
  • El palacio de Fonfría from the 16th century
  • El palacio de Jardón
  • La torre (Tower) Valdepares
  • Fiestas and Ferias

  • 24. June - San Juan de Prendones in Valdepares.
  • 16. July, el Carmen - in Miudes.
  • 2. August, Santo Ángel in Viavélez
  • from 8. September on: el día de los Remedios
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