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Ek Tukro Chand

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Language  Bengali
Director  Pinaki Chaudhuri
Country  India
Ek Tukro Chand movie poster

Release date  January 1, 2001
Based on  Sontu O Ektukro Chaandby Sunil Gangopadhyay

Ek Tukro Chand (English: A Piece of Moon) is a 2001 Indian action adventure thriller film directed by Pinaki Chaudhuri, based on the fictional character Kakababu created by Sunil Gangopadhyay. It is sequel to 1995 film Kakababu Here Gelen? .


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Simon Bubumba (Mrinal Mukherjee), who is also the brother of the president Bubumba (of Murundi, a small African state), is kidnapped by someone. Kakababu (Sabyasachi Chakrabarty) and Shontu (Soham Chakraborty) looking for the missing diplomat. They also find the thief who had stolen a piece of stone collected from the moon's surface by the U.S. Astronauts.


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Raja Roychoudury or Kakababu (as he is better known), the crippled adventurous man and his nephew Santu and his friend Jojo become involved by chance in the case of ‘Ek Tukro Chand’. It seems as if a few pieces of stone or the ‘moon’ are being exhibited at museums all over the world. One such piece of stone has even been brought to Kolkata from U.S.A and is being exhibited at the Indian museum. It is stolen one day.

At the same time, Simon Boobumba, the brother of the Prime Minister of Burundi has been kidnapped after he comes to Kolkata.It seems as if both these cases have a link to each other.Kakababu meanwhile is approached by an old associate Narendra Verma, an CBI official who asks him to go to Ranchi and meet Thakur Singh, a feudal lord of that area who might have kidnapped Boobumba.After reaching there and meeting Thakur Singh, he and his gang have a few run ins with Thakur Singh and eventually at one point even the cops arrive, but find that a dummy Boobumba has been kept there.

Kakababu and his gang go to the hills where Kakababu receives a call from the gang who have stolen the stone and supposedly also have Boobumba with them. They ask him to get a huge amount of money or otherwise Boobumba will be killed.Kakababu meets them with a briefcase which contains money. They take him to another destination and discover that there is no money. They ask him not to play any tricks. He plays for time and soon the cops arrive there as well. Over there a Sardarji who is part of their gang is discovered by Santu to be none other than Boobumba and he is also the person behind the theft of the stone as it is discovered and is found on him.


  • Sabyasachi Chakrabarty as Kakababu
  • Soham Chakraborty as Shontu
  • Mrinal Mukherjee as Simon Bubumba
  • Arjit Sengupta
  • Bita Chakraborty
  • Bhola Tamang
  • Ashish Chatterjee
  • Development

    After making Kakababu Here Gelen? in 1995, director Pinaki Chaudhuri wanted to make a sequel with Sabyasachi Chakrabarty. After some discussion with Chakrabarty he roped him to play Kakababu again in Ek Tukro Chand. Actor Soham Chakraborty roped as Shontu as a replacement of Arghyo Chakraborty.


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