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Eigenmannia virescens

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Kingdom  Animalia
Genus  Eigenmannia
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Species
Family  Sternopygidae
Scientific name  Eigenmannia virescens
Higher classification  Eigenmannia
Order  Gymnotiformes
Eigenmannia virescens Glass Knifefish Eigenmannia virescens 10 15cm Aquaticsukcouk
Similar  Eigenmannia, Glass knifefish, Gymnotiformes, Sternopygus, Banded knifefish

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The Glass Knifefish (Eigenmannia virescens) is a weakly electric freshwater fish found across South America. It is marketed as an aquarium fish.


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eigenmannia virescens


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The appendix on the body has black lines running through the bottom of the sides, with the most intense line running on the anal fin.

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Like all members of its order, it is distinguished by its ability to produce electric fields. This is achieved by discharging an electric organ in the tail.


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This species is widely distributed in the rivers of South America. Their range extends from the Magdalena River basin in Colombia to the Rio de La Plata in Argentina, including Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, and Surinam.

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