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Power type  Diesel
Builder  EMD
Total produced  15
Designer  EMD
Build date  1986-1987
UIC class  Co'Co '

The EMD FT36CW-2, classified as the Class 7000 locomotive under Korail, was a Korean semi-high-speed diesel locomotive. It was built to make the Saemaul Class trains more streamlined before the 1988 Olympics. The locomotives were built between 1986 and 1987 and were all retired between 2011 and 2012 when they reached the end of their 25-year lifespans.



The FT36HCW-2 is only capable of hauling passenger cars.

The braking system is of an electric type, unlike the air brakes used on the larger GT26CW and GT26CW2 diesel-electric locomotives. However, dynamic braking was prohibited from use due to the aging of the traction motors.

The cab had visibility only in the front, so it was hard to see in the rear. Therefore, the top speed when driving degeneration was limited to 25 km/h.


  • June 1986: Units 7001-7009 are introduced into service.
  • July 1987: Units 7010-7015 are introduced into service. These units had several slight changes.
  • 2011: Units 7001-7009 are retired. Unit 7001 is slated for preservation.
  • November 28, 2012: Units 7010-7015 are retired.
  • Modifications

    The FT36HCW-2s were equipped with head-end power (HEP). However, the power supply caused many problems, and excessive noise and frequent maintenance led to the decision by Korail to remove HEP from the cars and instead use dynamo cars to provide the head-end power.

    The locomotives also were originally powered by EMD 16-645F3B 3500-horsepower engines, but were eventually repowered with more efficient 3000-horsepower EMD 16-645E3 to satisfy passengers and customers.

    The front coupler was initially housed, but was converted to an external convex to resolve efficiency problems.

    Trains and statuses

    There were 15 FT36HCW locomotives, all of which were classified as Class 7000 locomotives.

  • 7001: Slated for preservation at the Korea Railroad Cultural Heritage Committee.
  • 7002: retired in 2011 and awaiting scrapping.
  • 7003: involved in an accident on June 21, 1990, on the Gyeongbu Line as a Saemaeul Class train and subsequently scrapped.
  • 7004-7009: retired in 2011 and awaiting scrapping.
  • 7010: retired in 2012 and awaiting scrapping.
  • 7011: retired on November 28, 2012, as the last FT36HCW-2 in service; awaiting scrapping.
  • 7012: retired in 2012 and awaiting scrapping.
  • 7013: involved in an accident on June 14, 2008, on the Daegu line as a Mugunghwa Class train, but was repaired. retired in 2012 and awaiting scrapping.
  • 7014-7015: retired in 2012 and awaiting scrapping.
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