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Dypsis onilahensis

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Arecaceae
Scientific name  Dypsis onilahensis
Rank  Species
Order  Arecales
Genus  Dypsis
Higher classification  Dypsis
Dypsis onilahensis Dypsis onilahensis Pacsoa
Similar  Dypsis, Palm trees, Dypsis baronii, Dypsis utilis, Dypsis decipiens

Dypsis onilahensis baronii inflorescence

Dypsis onilahensis is a species of palm tree in the Arecaceae (palm tree) family. It is endemic to Madagascar as is reflected in the species name (onilahensis) referring to the Onilahy River, south of Toliara. It is threatened by habitat loss.


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Dypsis onilahensis s offshoot


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Dypsis onilahensis is a pinnate leaved, clustering palm typically growing in clusters of 3 - 10 trees with adult trees in ideal conditions growing to 10 – 20 m high in height with stems of around 15 cm in diameter. Stems are typically grey at the base and dark green towards the crown with ringed bands and surrounding the circumference of the stem. Leaves grow up to 2 m in length with up to 70 pinnae (leaflets) of 30 cm or more and arch pendulously downwards giving the palm a graceful weeping appearance.


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Dypsis onilahensis is native to North West and West Madagascar as well as South-Central Madagascar. In the northern part of it's range it may be found growing in riverine forest at between 50 – 300 m altitude and between 750m - 2400 m in riverine or evergreen forest remnants in the central mountains and southern parts of its range.


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It is classed as vulnerable in the wild. Although its potential native range is large the habitat is prone to destruction by fire. Numbers are estimated at less than a thousand. A population in the Isalo National Park is well-protected, but numbers less than a few hundred individuals. Outside of Madagascar D. onilahensis is fairly common in cultivation in sub-tropical and warm temperate climates including South Africa, California, southern Florida and Australia.

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Dypsis onilahensis Dypsis onilahensis Palmpedia Palm Grower39s Guide


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