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Dutch passport

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Type of document  Passport
Dutch passport
Issued by  Kingdom of the Netherlands
Eligibility requirements  Citizens of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Expiration  10 years after acquisition for adults and 5 years after acquisition for minors (since 9 March 2014)

Dutch passports are issued to citizens of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Dutch: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden) for the purpose of international travel. As the Netherlands only distinguish one category of citizen (Nederlandse (Dutch), NLD), for all countries in the Kingdom, passports are the same for all four countries. The passport also serves as a means of identification as required by the Dutch law since 1 January 2005 for all persons over the age of fourteen. Dutch passports are valid for a period of ten years from issuing date. The passport complies with the rules (EU 2252/04) for European Union passports. Since 26 August 2006 all passports are issued as a biometric passport with an embedded contactless smartcard RFID chip for storing biometric data. Every Dutch citizen is also a citizen of the European Union. The nationality allows for free rights of movement and residence in any of the states of the European Union, other European Economic Area states as well as Switzerland.


Physical Appearance

Dutch passports are burgundy, with the Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of the Netherlands emblazoned on the front cover. The words "EUROPESE UNIE" (European Union) and "KONINKRIJK DER NEDERLANDEN" (Kingdom of the Netherlands) are inscribed above the coat of arms as well as "PASPOORT" (passport), consistent with the design standards as set forth by the European Union. The Model 2011 biometric passport also features the ICAO biometric passport symbol at the bottom of the cover. The regular passport contains 34 pages, 28 of which may be used for visas. Each chip contains a digital record of the person's fingerprints

Identity Information Page

The Dutch passport includes the following data on the identity information page:

  • (1) Personal Identification Number (on the back on the identity information page)
  • Photo of passport Holder
  • Type (P)
  • Code (NLD)
  • (2) Nationality (Nederlandse)
  • Document no.
  • (3) Surname
  • (4) Given names
  • (5) Date of birth
  • (6) Place of birth
  • (7) Sex
  • (8) Height
  • (9) Date of issue
  • (10) Date of expiry
  • (11) Signature (of holder)
  • (12) Issuing Authority (If issued in The Netherlands, the Mayor of the municipality of residence. If issued at a diplomatic post abroad, the Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • The information page ends with the Machine Readable Zone starting with P<NLD.


    For each item in the passport captions are provided in Dutch, English and French. These captions are numbered and translations into the twenty-three official languages of the European Union are given on the last two pages of the passport.

    Passport Note

    The Dutch passport contains on its inside cover in Dutch, English and French the words:

    'In naam van Zijne Majesteit de Koning der Nederlanden, Prins van Oranje-Nassau, enz. enz. enz., verzoekt de Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken alle overheden van bevriende staten aan de houder van dit paspoort vrije en ongehinderde doorgang te verlenen alsmede alle hulp en bijstand te verschaffen.'

    The term etc.etc.etc. reflects the large number of other titles the King holds and which are not normally mentioned.


    The regular and business passports are valid for a ten-year period from date of issue (five years for minors). A second passport is valid for a period of two years from date of issue. Emergency passports are valid for the duration of the journey, but no longer than a period of one year from date of issue. Foreigners passports are valid for the same period as the corresponding residence permit is valid.

    Types of passports

  • Regular passport (Dutch: Nationaal paspoort) issued for holiday and business travels and for identification required by Dutch law. The passport contains 34 pages and is valid for a period of ten years from issuing date.
  • Second passport (Dutch: Tweede paspoort) issued for business purposes only to those citizens travelling frequently and experiencing problems when entering countries because of visa (stamps) present in the regular passport or because the regular passport is in process for obtaining other visa by a foreign embassy. The passport is valid for a period of two years from date of issue.
  • Business passport (Dutch: Zakenpaspoort) issued with additional pages that may be used for visa. The business passport contains 66 pages and is valid for a period of ten years from issuing date.
  • Diplomatic passport (Dutch: Diplomatiek paspoort) issued to people representing the Dutch government on official business and offering diplomatic immunity as defined by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. The passport contains 66 pages.
  • Service passport (Dutch: Dienstpaspoort) issued to people representing the Dutch government on official business, but without offering diplomatic immunity. The passport contains 66 pages.
  • Emergency passport (pink cover) (Dutch: Noodpaspoort) issued to Dutch citizens who are unable to obtain a proper passport in time for travel, strict rules apply.
  • Alien's passport (green cover) (Dutch: Vreemdelingenpaspoort) issued for travelling purposes to non-Dutch residents of the Netherlands who are unable to obtain a passport from their own government.
  • Laissez-Passer (blue cover) emergency travel document with 8 pages containing handwritten information.
  • Visa free travel

    Visa requirements for Dutch citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of the Netherlands. In 2014, Dutch citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 172 countries and territories, ranking the Dutch passport 3rd in the world according to the Visa Restrictions Index. Although a passport is often used for travel, it is the nationality rather than the passport that visa-free travel is based on.


    Dutch passport Wikipedia

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