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Dunbar baronets

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Dunbar baronets

There have been five Dunbar Baronetcies; the first four in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia, and the last in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom. There is also a Hope-Dunbar Baronetcy of Baldoon.


The Dunbar baronets of Mochrum are notable as the 11th Baronet held that title for only two days before his death. The Dunbar baronets of Hempriggs are notable as the 8th Baronetess was one of only four (or possibly five) baronetesses in history; i.e. the title passes to heirs whomsoever rather than heirs male.

Dunbar of Mochrum (29 March 1694)

  • Sir James Dunbar, 1st Baronet (died 1718)
  • Sir George Dunbar, 2nd Baronet (died 1747)
  • Sir James Dunbar, 3rd Baronet (died 1782)
  • Sir George Dunbar, 4th Baronet (died 1799)
  • Sir George Dunbar, 5th Baronet (c. 1750–1811)
  • Sir William Rowe Dunbar, 6th Baronet (1776–1841)
  • Sir William Dunbar, 7th Baronet (1812–1889)
  • Sir Uthred James Hay Dunbar, 8th Baronet (1843–1904)
  • Sir William Cospatrick Dunbar, 9th Baronet (1844–1931)
  • Sir James George Hawker Roland Dunbar, 10th Baronet (1862–1953)
  • Sir Richard Sutherland Dunbar, 11th Baronet (1873–1953)
  • Sir Adrian Ivor Dunbar, 12th Baronet (1893–1977)
  • Sir Jean Ivor Dunbar, 13th Baronet (1918–1993)
  • Sir James Michael Dunbar, 14th Baronet (born 1950)
  • The heir apparent is the eldest son of the 14th Baronet, Michael Joseph Dunbar of Mochrum, younger (born 1980)

    Dunbar of Durn (29 January 1698)

  • Sir William Dunbar, 1st Baronet (died c. 1710)
  • Sir James Dunbar, 2nd Baronet (1668–1737)
  • Sir William Dunbar, 3rd Baronet (died 1786)
  • Sir James Dunbar, 4th Baronet (died 1812)
  • Sir Robert Dunbar, 5th Baronet (1780–1813)
  • Sir William Dunbar, 6th Baronet (1804–1881)
  • Sir Drummond Miles Dunbar, 7th Baronet (1845–1903)
  • Sir George Alexander Drummond Dunbar, 8th Baronet (1879–1949)
  • Sir Drummond Cospatrick Ninian Dunbar, 9th Baronet (1917–2000)
  • Sir Robert Drummond Cospatrick Dunbar, 10th Baronet (born 1958)
  • The heir apparent to the baronetcy is Alexander William Drummond Dunbar of Durn, younger (born 1995), only son of the 10th Baronet.

    Dunbar of Northfield (10 April 1700)

  • Sir William Dunbar, 1st Baronet (died 1711)
  • Sir Robert Dunbar, 2nd Baronet (died 1742)
  • Sir Patrick Dunbar, 3rd Baronet (c. 1676–1763)
  • Sir Archibald Dunbar, 4th Baronet (c. 1693–1769)
  • Sir Alexander Dunbar, 5th Baronet (1742–1791)
  • Sir Archibald Dunbar, 6th Baronet (1772–1847)
  • Sir Archibald Dunbar, 7th Baronet (1803–1898)
  • Sir Archibald Hamilton Dunbar, 8th Baronet (1828–1910)
  • Sir Charles Gordon-Cumming-Dunbar, 9th Baronet (1844–1916)
  • Sir Archibald Edward Dunbar, 10th Baronet (1889–1969)
  • Sir Archibald Ranulph Dunbar, 11th Baronet (1927–2015)
  • Sir Edward Horace Dunbar, 12th Baronet (b. 1977)
  • The heir apparent to the baronetcy is Samuel Isaac Dunbar (b. 2011).

    Dunbar of Hempriggs (21 December 1706)

  • Sir James Dunbar, 1st Baronet (died 1724) a younger son of James Sutherland, 2nd Lord Duffus and his wife Lady Margaret Mackenzie. He married Elizabeth Dunbar, daughter and heiress of Sir William Dunbar, 1st Baronet, and had issue, the male line in remainder to the Lords Duffus until succeeding in 1827 and falling extinct in 1875.
  • Sir William Dunbar, 2nd Baronet (died 1793). He married three times. By his third wife Henrietta Rose, daughter of Hugh Rose, 16th of Kilvarock, he had a son and heir:
  • Sir Benjamin Dunbar, 3rd Baronet (1761–1843) also claimed to be 6th Lord Duffus from 1827 although his rights were not established by the House of Lords despite his petition 1838;. He married Janet Mackay, and was succeeded by his son
  • Sir George Sutherland Dunbar, 4th Baronet (1799–1875), also claimed to be 7th and last Lord Duffus. The title then passed to a cousin
  • Sir Benjamin Duff, 5th Baronet (1808–1897)
  • Sir George Duff-Sutherland-Dunbar, 6th Baronet (1878–1962)
  • Sir George Cospatrick Duff-Sutherland-Dunbar, 7th Baronet (1906–1963)
  • Dame Maureen Daisy Helen Dunbar, 8th Baronetess (1906–1997)
  • Sir Richard Francis Dunbar, 9th Baronet (born 1945)
  • heiress presumptive: Sir Richard's daughter Emma Katherine Dunbar (born 1977)

    Dunbar of Boath (19 September 1814)

  • Sir James Dunbar, 1st Baronet (1770–1836)
  • Sir Frederic William Dunbar, 2nd Baronet (1819–1851)
  • Sir James Alexander Dunbar, 3rd Baronet (1821–1883)
  • Sir Alexander James Dunbar, 4th Baronet (1870–1900)
  • Sir Frederick George Dunbar, 5th Baronet (1875–1937)
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