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Droopys Double Trouble

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Director  Tex Avery
Writer  Rich Hogan
Producer  Fred Quimby
Language  English
7.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Family, Animation, Short
Music director  Scott Bradley
Droopys Double Trouble movie poster
Release date  November 17, 1951 (1951-11-17)
Cast  Bill Thompson, Daws Butler
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Droopy s double trouble 1951

Droopy's "Double Trouble" is the 11th animated short featuring Droopy, notable for being the first short to introduce a relative of Droopy's.


Droopys Double Trouble movie scenes

Droopy s double trouble 1951


Droopy is presented here as a manservant working for an unseen master, who is going away for a few days with the head butler, Mr. Theeves. As they are packing the master's clothes, Mr. Theeves requests that Droopy acquire someone to help him around the house while they are away, and the first person to come to Droopy's mind is his identical twin brother, Drippy. Droopy contacts Drippy at O'Brien's Gymnasium and explains the situation to him.

Drippy arrives later on and displays his superhuman strength by punching his way through the front door before greeting Droopy. Droopy introduces Drippy to Mr. Theeves, who is briefly astonished by Drippy's uncanny resemblance to Droopy, immediately startledly jumping up to the chandelier, thinking he was seeing double. However, Mr. Theeves is relieved enough to come down from the chandelier, and is also on the receiving end of Drippy's immense strength while shaking his hand. Mr. Theeves then explains Drippy's duties to him, and tells him that no matter what, no strangers are allowed on the premises.

However, while Droopy loads the master's suitcase into his limousine, Butch the Irish Dog drops in and asks if Droopy can put him up for a little while, since he has had little to no good luck recently. Droopy reluctantly agrees and has Butch go to the back door, but forgets to inform Drippy. As Butch snidely muses about taking advantage of Droopy, the back door opens, but what Butch is unaware of is that it is Drippy who has answered. Butch promptly demands, "Let me have it, pal," and Drippy responds by punching Butch across the terrace, musing "No strangers". Butch gets caught in a veranda which swings him back into the door as Drippy closes it. Droopy then appears and lets a bewildered Butch inside, but as Droopy fetches some food, Drippy comes back into the kitchen and hits Butch outside with the kitchen table. Droopy, unaware, takes Spike's food outside, assuming Butch wanted to eat in the patio. As Droopy goes back for mustard, Drippy appears again and throws Butch down into the swimming pool, leaving him dazed. Droopy then rescues Butch, assuming he wanted to go for a swim, and takes him inside the house.

Droopy puts some dry clothes on Butch, but while he goes for some shoes, Drippy appears again and knocks Butch out cold. Droopy, assuming Butch was sleepy, tucks him in bed. Butch wakes up and begins to enjoy the comfort, but when he tries to call Droopy, Drippy responds instead and punches Butch into the bathroom, where Droopy is shaving. Butch accuses Droopy of assaulting him, but Droopy responds by recommending a cold shower for Butch. Strangely, Drippy goes for a shower as well and hits Butch out, stark naked. Droopy offers to get Butch some clothes, but this time Butch demands that he accompany Droopy. As Droopy enters a closet to get some clothes, Drippy appears from inside another right beside it and hits Butch with a baseball bat (referred to by Butch as a "shillelagh"). Butch angrily demands that Droopy hand it over, but Droopy denies having one, confusing Butch. Each time Butch puts Droopy in the closet, Drippy appears from the other and hits him. Now assuming that Droopy is responsible for hurting him, Butch demands that he stop, but Droopy denies having touched Butch all day. Now believing that Droopy may be going crazy, Butch discreetly calls for an ambulance.

When the ambulance arrives, Butch calls Droopy, but this time, both Droopy and Drippy answer. Shocked at the sight of two Droopys, Butch goes insane and gets taken away by the ambulance.


  • Bill Thompson as Droopy/Drippy/Butch
  • Daws Butler as Mr. Theeves (uncredited)
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