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Donnell Cameron

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Donnell Cameron

Record producer

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Brett Gurewitz, Fat Mike, Jay Gordon, Michael Happoldt

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Donnell Cameron is a record producer, who is credited working with such artists as Sublime and Blink-182; as well as producing the Avenged Sevenfold album Sounding the Seventh Trumpet. He is also the owner of Westbeach Recorders recording studio in Hollywood, California.


Donnell Cameron Battle Flask w Donnell Cameron at Westbeach YouTube

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In 1991, Cameron produced the debut album for Drive Like Jehu which was a self-titled album. Later he worked on another album of theirs, not as a producer but on the engineering side. In 2010, it was announced in the news section of the Blues Venom website that Cameron and Jay Gordon were to be working together on a new album with Cameron and Gordon working on 10 songs, both producing and mixing them to make what Cameron hoped would be the ultimate rock/blues album.


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