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Dmitri Dyuzhev

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Citizenship  Russia
Role  Film actor
Occupation  Actor, Singer
Years active  2000-present
Siblings  Anastasia Dyuzheva
Name  Dmitri Dyuzhev

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Full Name  Dyuzhev Dmitrii Petrovich
Born  July 9, 1978 (age 44) (1978-07-09) Astrakhan, USSR, Russia
Partner(s)  Tatiana Dyuzheva (nee Zaitseva) (2008–present), 1 child
Spouse  Tatiana Dyuzheva (m. 2008)
Parents  Ludmila Dyuzheva, Peter Dyuzhev
Movies and TV shows  Brigada, High Security Vacation, Dead Man's Bluff, Pregnant, Mamy
Similar People  Sergey Bezrukov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Pavel Maykov, Marina Dyuzheva, Yekaterina Guseva

Children  Ivan Dmitriyevich Dyuzhev

Dmitri Petrovich Dyuzhev (Russian: Дми́трий Петро́вич Дю́жев) (born July 9, 1978) is a Russian film and stage actor, singer.


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Early life

Dmitri Dyuzhev Dmitry Dyuzhev

Dmitri was born in family of an actor Peter Dyuzhev and Ludmila Dyuzheva (1957—2003; In 1995 he graduated "School of gifted children" and entered the GITIS (Directing Department, acting group, workshop by Mark Zakharov). Dmitri played Donevan in "Boris Godunov." Rehearsals coincided with the shooting series "Bayazet", in which Dyuzhev was invited to one of the main roles, but Dmitri refused to filming.


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Dmitri debuted in film "24 hours" by Alexander Atanesyan in 2000.

After a while actor was invited to shoot in criminal saga "Brigada" by Aleksei Sidorov. Dyuzhev was found through a small actor's agency in which he was registered. The role of Kosmos at once made him famous the entire country.

In 2005, starred in "Dead Man's Bluff" by Aleksei Balabanov together with Nikita Mikhalkov and Aleksei Panin and in "Mechtat' ne vredno".

In 2006, starred in "Ostrov" by Pavel Lungin. The film closed the 2006 Venice Film Festival, proved to be a moderate box-office success and won both the Nika Award and the Golden Eagle Award as the Best Russian film of 2006.

In 2009 High Security Vacation with Dmitri and Sergey Bezrukov was released in theaters. The film has had great success with audiences - for the first two weeks in Russia, it collected more than $ 15 million, which is one of the best figures in the history of Russian film.

In 2010 starred in Burnt by the Sun 2 by Nikita Mikhalkov.

Personal life

On February 14, 2008 Dmitri married Tatiana Dyuzheva, and they were married on July 20, 2008. Their son, Ivan, was born on 8 August 2008.


  • Razborka v Manile (English title: Showdown in Manila) (Russia/USA, 2016) as Victor
  • Beremennyy (English title: Pregnant) (Russia, 2011) as Sergey Dobrolyubov
  • Delo bylo na Kubani (Russia, 2011)
  • Utomlyonnye solntsem 2: Tsitadel (English title: Burnt by the Sun 2: Citadel) (Russia, 2011) as Banya
  • Lyubov' i zoloto (Russia, 2010) as Archaeologist
  • Gamlet XXI vek (Russia, 2010) as Klavdij
  • Blizkiy vrag (English title: Close Enemy) (Russia, 2010) as Oleg
  • Moskva, ya lyublyu tebya! (Russia, 2010)
  • Utomlyonnye solntsem 2: Predstoyanie (English title: Burnt by the Sun 2: Exodus) (Russia, 2010) as Banya
  • Kanikuly strogogo rezhima (English title: High Security Vacation) (Russia, 2009) as Evgeni Koltsov
  • Rokery (Russia, 2009)
  • Obratnaya storona (English title: The Other Side) (Kazakhstan, 2009) as Bek
  • Ischeznovenie (Russia, Ukrain, 2008)
  • Zolotaya rybka (Russia, 2008) as Elvis
  • Tarif Novogodniy (English title: The New Year's Rate Plan) (Russia, 2008) as Voditel' benzovoza
  • Rozygrysh (Russia, 2008) as Aleksandr Ivanovich
  • Svoj-Chuzhoj (Russia, 2008) as Matvej
  • Kuka (Russia, 2007) as Roma
  • Puteshestvie s domashnimi zhivotnymi (English title: Travelling with Pets) (Russia, 2007) as Sergei
  • Antidur (Russia, 2007) as Vel'mishev
  • Den pobedy (Russia, 2006) as Aleksei Privalov
  • Mne ne bol'no (Russia, 2006) as Oleg
  • Ostrov (English title: The Island) (Russia, 2006) as otets Iov
  • Letuchaya mysh' (Ukrain, 2005) as Al'fred
  • Mechtat ne vredno (English title: To Dream Harmlessly) (Russia, 2005) as Andrian
  • Zhmurki (English title: Dead Man's Bluff) (Russia, 2005) as Simon
  • Russkoe (Russia, 2004) as Slavka
  • Vsadnik po imeni Smert (English title: The Rider Named Death) (Russia, 2004) as Azef
  • Slushatel (Russia, 2004) as Sidyachko
  • Kovcheg (Russia, 2002)
  • Aprel' (Russia, 2002)
  • Poisons or the World History of Poisoning (Яды, или Всемирная история отравлений, 2001) as Dr. Edme Costa
  • 24 chasa (English title: 24 Hours) (Russia, 2000)
  • Television

  • Osvoboditeli (Russia, 2010) as himself
  • Verbnoe voskresen'e (Russia, 2009) as Artur
  • Ty - eto ya (Russia, 2006)
  • Karambol' (Russia, 2006) as Slutskij
  • Schastlivyy (Russia, 2005) as Nikita
  • Ohotniki za ikonami (Russia, 2005) as Moshennik Rubl'
  • Samara-gorodok (Russia, 2004) as Nikita Khabarov
  • Komanda (Russia, 2004) as Mark Levin
  • Stilet (Russia, 2003) as Security guard at the casino
  • Na uglu, u Patriarshih 3 (Russia, 2003)
  • Rodina zhdet (English title: In the Service of My Country) (Russia, 2003) as Nikolai Kavchugin
  • Svetskie hroniki (Russia, 2002) as Photographer Petechka
  • Brigada (English title: Law of the Lawless) (Russia, 2002) as Kosmos
  • Marsh Turetskogo (Russia, 2000)
  • Voice

  • Monstry protiv prisheltsev (English title: Monsters vs Aliens) (USA, 2009) as The Missing Link
  • Pro Fedota-streltsa, udalogo molodtsa (Russia, 2008) as General
  • Lyagushachij raj (Russia, 2007)
  • Theatre

    Moscow Art Theatre (2006–present):

  • 2006 - Primadonny
  • 2009 - Dvoryanskoe gnezdo (English title: Home of the Gentry)
  • References

    Dmitri Dyuzhev Wikipedia