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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Anura
Subfamily  Ceuthomantinae
Higher classification  Eleutherodactylidae
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Craugastoridae
Scientific name  Dischidodactylus
Rank  Genus
Lower classifications  Dischidodactylus duidensis, Dischidodactylus colonnelloi

Dischidodactylus is a genus of craugastorid frogs. They are endemic to tepuis in southern Venezuela. The name is derived from the Greek dischidos, meaning divided, and dactylos, meaning finger or toe, in reference to the divided ungual flap (see below). Common name Mount Duida frogs has been coined for the genus.



Placement of Dischidodactylus in Ceuthomantinae (=Pristimantinae) is based on morphology because no DNA sequence data are available. Dischidodactylus is closely related to Ceuthomantis, with which they share a synapomorphy: completely or almost completely divided ungual flaps. Both genera also have dorsal skin composed of small, flat, pliable (not keratinized) warts, and lack nuptial pads in adult males. They differ in Dischidodactylus possessing a dentigerous process of the vomer, and in Ceuthomantis lacking basal toe webbing.


Dischidodactylus are smallish frogs that reach a maximum snout–vent length of 43 mm (1.7 in) in females. Their head is not as wide as body. Tympanic membrane is not differentiated and tympanic annulus is visible below skin. Cranial crests are absent. Vomers have small, oblique dentigerous processes. Terminal discs are expanded, rounded, and bifurcate; circumferential groove is present and terminal phalanges are T-shaped. Dorsum is granular and venter is areolate.


The genus contains two species:

  • Dischidodactylus colonnelloi Ayarzagüena, 1985
  • Dischidodactylus duidensis (Rivero, 1968)
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