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Dirt Fox

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Release date(s)  JP: June 1989
Arcade system  Namco System 2
Developer  Namco
Genre  Racing video game
Cabinet  Upright
Initial release date  June 1989
Publisher  Namco
Platform  Arcade game
Dirt Fox httpsrmprdseMAMEcabinetsdirtfoxjpng
Mode(s)  Up to 4 players simultaneously
CPU  2x Motorola 68000 @ 12.288 MHz, 1x Motorola M6809 @ 3.072 MHz, 1x Hitachi HD63705 @ 2.048 MHz
Sound  1x Yamaha YM2151 @ 3.57958 MHz, 1x C140 @ 21.39 kHz
Similar  Four Trax, Metal Hawk, Finest Hour, Dangerous Seed, Ordyne

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Dirt Fox (ダートフォックス, Dāto Fokkusu) is a racing arcade game, which had been released by Namco in 1989 only in Japan; it runs on Namco System 2 hardware, and allows up to four players to play simultaneously, when four cabinets are linked together (much like Namco's own Final Lap, which was released two years earlier, can allow up to eight players to play simultaneously, when four two-player cabinets are linked together).



Each player must take control of a colour-coded car (red for 1P, green for 2P, blue for 3P and yellow for 4P) which are competing in an off-road race; they are given a preset amount of time in which to complete each of the track's six sections and for each section of the track that is successfully completed, the players' time gets extended. However, if any one of the players do not manage to successfully complete the current section of the track before their time runs out, the game will like in other Namco multiplayer racing titles (such as the aforementioned Final Lap) instantly be over and the race will continue without them - and between four and seven purple CPU-controlled cars will also start the race with the players, but they may catch up with additional ones in preset positions on the track.


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