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Diana Region

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Country  Madagascar
Area  19,266 kmĀ²
Capital  Antsiranana
Time zone  EAT (UTC3)
Population  719,000 (2014)
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Points of interest  Amber Mountain National, Le Zahir Lodge, Tsingy Rouge, Tsara Komba Lodge, Palm Beach Resort
Destinations  Nosy Be, Antsiranana, Amber Mountain National, Nosy Komba, Andilana

Diana is a region in Madagascar at the most northerly part of the island. It borders the regions of Sava to the southeast and Sofia to the southwest. It covers an area of 19,266 km2, and had an estimated population of 700,021 in 2013. The regional capital is Antsiranana (previously known as Diego Suarez).


Map of Diana, Madagascar


The main rivers of the Diana region are:

  • Besokatra River
  • Irodo River
  • Loky River
  • Mahavavy River
  • Ramena River
  • Saharenana River
  • Sambirano River
  • Nature reserves and visitors' attractions

    The following national parks, reserves and visitors' attractions are located in Diana:

  • Amber Mountain National Park
  • Analamerana Reserve
  • Ankarana Reserve
  • Lokobe Reserve
  • Manongarivo Reserve
  • Tsaratanana Reserve
  • Tsingy Rouge
  • Administrative divisions

    Diana region is divided into five districts, which are subdivided into 51 communes. The districts are listed below with their 2013 populations:

  • Ambanja District (190,435)
  • Ambilobe District (216,145)
  • Antsiranana I District (the city of Antsiranana) (115,015)
  • Antsiranana II District (the rural area surrounding the city) (105,416)
  • Nosy Be District (the island of Nosy Be) (73,010)
  • Transport

  • Seaports in Antsiranana and Nosy Be
  • 2 regional airports, Arrachart Airport (Antsiranana) and Fascene Airport, in Nosy Be
  • 2 local airports in Ambanja and Ambilobe
  • The region is crossed by the paved Route Nationale 6 (Antsiranana - Ambilobe - Ambanja) and the unpaved Route Nationale 5a from Ambilobe to Vohemar.
  • Fishery

    Antsiranana is an important tuna fishing port. There is also a tuna canning factory. Other important fishery products are shrimp (2.813.291 kg exported in 2002) and sea cucumber.


    The main crops are:

  • subsistence agriculture: 75.510 ha (67% of the cultivated area): rice, manioc, corn, beans, sweet potato and potato
  • cash crops: 21.560 ha (19% of the cultivated area): coffee, pepper, cacao and vanilla
  • industrial crops: 15.420 ha (13% of the cultivated area): sugar cane, peanuts and cotton
  • There are also important productions of essential oils (mainly ylang ylang but also palmarosa, vetyver and basil) on 2465 ha in the regions of Nosy Be and Ambanja.

  • Cattle raising: in 2002 the region contained 308.530 bovines, 53.980 porcs, 2.840 sheep and 44.520 goats.
  • Mining

    Pozzolana, lime, gold, sapphire, graphite, lead, zinc, corundum, amethyst, garnet, zircon, cordierite, quartz, beryl and ilmenite are extracted in the region.


    Diana Region Wikipedia

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