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Di Yi

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Reign  1101 - 1076 BC
Father  Wen Ding
Parents  Wen Ding
Grandchildren  Wu Geng, Ji, Duke of Song
Predecessor  Wen Ding
Died  1076 BC
Successor  King Zhou of Shang
Grandparent  Wu Yi of Shang
Issue  Weiziqi, Duke of Song Weizhong, Duke of Song King Zhou of Shang Jizi
Children  King Zhou of Shang, Weizi Qi, Jizi, Weizhong Yan
Similar  King Zhou of Shang, Jizi, Wu Geng, Daji

Di yi di lei huang jia jia

Di Yi (Chinese: 帝乙) was a king of the Shang dynasty of China from 1101 to 1076 BC. His capital was at Yin.


According to the Bamboo Annals, on the third year of his regime, he ordered Nanzhong to fight Kun Barbarians and built Shuofang (朔方, roughly modern Ordos in Inner Mongolia) in the middle of Kun territory after winning a battle. He also fought the Renfang (see the Dongyi), eventually capturing and sacrificing their chief.

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  • King Zhou of Shang, the last Shang king
  • Weiziqi (微子啟), the eldest son. After the Shang succumbed to the Zhou dynasty, he was awarded the state of Song.
  • Weizhong (微仲), the second ruler of Song
  • Jizi, legendary ruler of Gojoseon
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