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Dead Game Records

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Parent company  Dead Game Records
Location  Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Country of origin  United States
Date founded  2002
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Founder  Travis Johnson, Tommy Jones
Distributor(s)  Atlantic Records (Kevin Gates US)
Genre  Hip hop, R&B, Down South, gangsta

Kevates gets exposed by his ceo trav dead game records

Dead Game Records, is a record label located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana founded by Tommy Jones and Travis "The Voice" Johnson. The label was founded in 2002 when Jones noticed an opening and lapse in marketing by other local and regional labels. The label has included such artist as Kevin Gates and Max Minelli


Travis the voice ceo of dead game records max 94 1interview w dj supa mike


Interview with Dead Game Records CEO Travis AKA "The Voice - YouTube

The labels Co-Founder Johnson would be a Middle School classmate with the most promising future Artist Kevin Gates at Kenilworth Middle School in Baton Rouge. Johnson noticed that the young and steadily improving Gates was naturally a lyricist and encouraged him to take rapping and his skills more seriously. In 2005 Gates officially signed to Dead Game Records as the labels main artist over half a decade. With proper Financial Support and strategic marketing direction Gates would flourish. Releasing 6 regionally acclaimed mixtape including features with nationally allcaimed Rapper Boosie Bad Azz who was from the same neighborhood as founders Johnson and Jones

In the absence of Gates for 2 years Dead Game would partner with former Koch Entertainment artist Max Minelli to Release albums The Heart of a King and The Leak. In 2011 Gates upon his release from an incarceration resumed his career with a new inspired style and an intense effort to release a multitude of projects in a short period of time. This would garner the notice of Artist Publishing Group APG who would enter into a Joint Venture Partnership with Dead Game allowing Gates to be distributed by Atlantic Records.

Dead Game Records today

With Kevin Gates day to day departure to future management full focus turned to up and coming artist lil one the Champ Racked up Ready in 2013 and label executive Travis The Voice in 2016.

Current artists

  • LiL One the Champ
  • Kevin Gates (Joint Venture with APG)
  • Baby Joe
  • The Voice
  • Former Artist

  • Racked up Ready (Deceased)
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