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Industry  Musical instruments
Headquarters  Tampa
Type of business  Private
Area served  Global
Founded  1983
Ddrum wwwddrumcomimgddrumlogomobilepng

Founder  Hans Nordelius and Mikael Carlsson
Key people  Evan Rubinson - President & CEO
Products  Acoustic and Electronic drum kits Triggers
Parent  Armadillo Enterprises, Inc.

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ddrum is an American based Swedish company, currently a division of Armadillo Enterprises, Inc. that manufactures acoustic drum sets, electronic drum sets, and Electronic Triggers.


Ddrum was originally a brand of Clavia, makers of the Nord series of keyboards and synthesizers. In 2005, the company was sold to Armadillo, who expanded the brand from only electronic drums into a wider range of products.

Barry kerch visits ddrum

Acoustic drums

DDrum is a sister company to Dean Guitars and produces drums that fall into one of several series, grouped according to quality and materials used in construction. In addition, ddrum is one of several manufacturers that offers customers the ability to customize their own kit from a number of criteria including shell dimensions, finish, and hardware options in what they call the "USA Custom Shop."

USA Custom Shop - a custom kit with many different options, including a few wood selections

USA Standard- a less customizable USA drum set option, available in tour tough veneers, die cast hoops and bullet lugs.

Paladin- ddrum's hi-end import kit. Available in Maple and Walnut. Bass drums and snares feature 2 inner plies of poplar to enhance the properties of those drums using Vintageblend technology. Includes standard sizes as well as Jazz-oriented Speakeasy and old-school Rock configurations.

Reflex- an industry first, drum shells made from alder, a tone wood long associated with prized vintage guitars and basses. Available in wrapped standard, and painted RSL. Also includes the larger sized Powerhouse and Bombardier kits.

hybrid - electro/acoustic 6pc kit

Journeyman - Basswood shells available in several configurations

D2 - entry-level series available in basswood shells

Electronics-DD1 entry-level E-kit, DD2X-pad station, DD3X Intermediary E-kit, DD5X Mid-to-pro E-kit. Acoustic Pro triggers, DRT triggers, Chrome Elite Triggers, Red Shot Triggers.

Snare drums

Vintone Elemental- metal snares in a variety of depth, available in steel, aluminum and nickel-over brass

Vintone Arbor-wood snares in a variety of depths and diameters, available in Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, and Alder.

ddrum also produces deccabons, which are similar in concept to octobans, except that there are ten drums in a full set (hence "decca") as opposed to eight ("octo"). All deccabons are six inches in diameter. They are available with shells made from either clear acrylic or black fiberglass. Drum depths range from 6 inches to 24 inches in 2-inch increments.

Supplies of DDrum kits outside the USA, particularly to the UK, are sparse with long wait times.

Acoustic drums

  • Daniel Cardoso - Anathema, Sirius, Reset, Storm Legion
  • Vinnie Paul Abbott - Pantera, Hellyeah
  • Tim Yeung - Morbid Angel, Vital Remains, All That Remains, Divine Heresy
  • Carmine Appice
  • Vinny Appice-Kill Devil Hill
  • Simon Collins-Sound of Contact
  • Luis "chocs" Campos - Collinz Room, Noelia
  • James Kottak - Scorpions
  • Rhim - The Birthday Massacre
  • Richard Christy - Charred Walls of the Damned
  • Robb Reiner - Anvil
  • Electronic triggers/modules

  • Abe Laboriel Jr. - Paul McCartney, Sting
  • Tommy Lee - Mötley Crüe
  • Morgan Rose - Sevendust
  • Anton Fig - Session drummer
  • Mike Wengren - Disturbed
  • Dennis Chambers - Santana, John Scofield
  • Daniel Erlandsson - Arch Enemy
  • Frank Beard - ZZ Top
  • Eric Singer - Kiss, Alice Cooper
  • Vinnie Paul - Pantera, Damageplan
  • Pete Sandoval - Morbid Angel
  • John Tempesta - Helmet
  • Tim Alexander - Primus
  • Kenny Aronoff - session drummer
  • David Silveria - Korn
  • Joey Jordison - Slipknot, Korn fill-in drummer
  • John Blackwell - Prince, Justin Timberlake
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