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Dawn of Dreams

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Released  1992
Dawn of Dreams (1992)  Khaooohs (1993)
Release date  1992
Producer  Pan.Thy.Monium
Length  44:57
Artist  Pan.Thy.Monium
Songs  [untitled]
Label  Osmose Productions
Dawn of Dreams httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenee2Pan
Genres  Death metal, Progressive metal, Avant-garde metal
Similar  Khaooohs, Khaooohs and Kon‑Fus‑Ion, Expositionsprophylaxe, Moontower, Considered Dead

Pan thy monium dawn of dreams full album 1992

Dawn of Dreams is the first album by avant-garde/progressive/death metal band Pan.Thy.Monium released in 1992. Contrary to popular belief, the tracks do have intended titles, but Swanö instructed Osmose Productions to not release these titles (or any information about the band whatsoever) in the original pressing of the album, so for many years it was believed that the tracks were intended to be untitled. The official titles were not revealed until The Crypt's 2014 vinyl reissue of the album.


Pan thy monium untitled i

Track listing

  1. "RAAGOONSHINNAAH" – 21:49
  2. "EEPITAFFPH" – 5:51
  3. "SIEEGEH" – 4:03
  4. "IV" – 3:06
  5. "ZENOTAFFPH" – 2:42
  6. "AMARAAH" – 4:26
  7. "EKKHOECCE II" – 3:00


  • Derelict aka Robert "Robban" Karlsson - vocals
  • Winter aka Benny Larsson - drums, percussion and Violin
  • Day DiSyraah aka Dan Swanö - Bass, keyboards and Effects
  • Mourning aka Robert Ivarsson - Rhythm guitars
  • Äag aka Tom Nouga aka Dag Swanö: Lead guitars, Organ and Baritone Saxophone
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