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Darreh Shahr County

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Country  Iran
Time zone  IRST (UTC+3:30)
Capital  Darreh Shahr
Province  Ilam Province
Darreh Shahr County
Bakhsh (Districts)  Central District, Badreh District, Majin District
Website  City's Gubernatorial Portal

Darreh Shahr County (Persian: شهرستان دره‌شهر‎‎) is a county in Ilam Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Darreh Shahr. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 56,346, in 11,487 families. The county is subdivided into three districts: the Central District, Badreh District, and Majin District. The county has two cities: Darreh Shahr and Badreh.


Language situation

People speak Laki and Luri mostly but all of the residents of Badreh speak Kurdish.

Darrehshahr Ancient City

The remains of the Sassanide city of Dareh Shahr is situated between new Dareh Shahr and the Bahman Abad Village. Presently, some vestiges of arches, ceilings, dome-shaped ceilings as well as indications of passages, alleys and urban connection network are visible in the texture of the ruins.

Fire Temple

There is a fire-temple in the city of Dareh Shahr which is a four-arched building which is locally called Taaq. Originally the building was constructed by rubble stone and gypsum, and has recently been repaired.

Gavmishan Bridge

This Sassanide bridge has been constructed in the confluence of the Seimareh and Kashkan Rivers. Although it has been repaired several times during the past, it is almost in a ruined state now.

Majeen Gorge

There are many crevices and caves one of them is known as the Kulkani Cave. The entrance of the cave is 30 meters long and there is a small pond built of stone and Sarouj (plaster of lime and ashes or sands). In addition, there are 12 other caves similar to the dwellings of pre-historic man. Some vestiges like earthenware pieces and other objects belonging to the mid 1st millennium BC. have been discovered in this cave.

Sheikh Makan Fort

Located 6 kilometers southeast of Dareh Shahr, the ruins of this fort can be seen in the entrance of the village with the same name with 150 years of antiquity. Construction materials indicate that it belongs to the Qajar period. The walls of the fort are delicately made of stone and gypsum. There is also the remains of a water mill.

Jaber Mausoleum

The same resembles the Shrine of Daniel the Prophet in Susa with a northern entrance. It is 15 m. long and 9 m. wide with 8 pillars. There is an adytum in its southern wall which is 180 cm. high. At the lower part there is an inscription with plaster work and adorned with floral design and sacred verses. This mausoleum is one of the important places of pilgrimage in Dareh Shahr.

Baba Seifedin Mausoleum

Baba Seifedin Mausoleum in located in the north east of Dareh Shahr in the outskirts of a hill known as Chahar Taq. There are two tombs in the mausoleum without any description on the tombstones. There is a small inscription on the top of the entrance door which indicates the date of its repair. The materials of the building are stone, gypsum and brick. There are several trees around the mausoleum which are hundreds of years old.

Tikhan (Tiqan)

It is located among the agricultural lands in Jamshid Abad Village north east of Dareh Shahr. In excavations carried out here, 4 storeys have been appeared. The earthenware objects obtained in the first floor are simple. Moreover, some flint blades and carved stones have been discovered there as well.

Koozeh Garan Hill

It is about 5.5 kilometers from Tikhan Hill, and is larger and older than it. Its antiquity dates back to the late 3rd millennium BC., but its first floor relates to the Sassanide period. Some colored and engraved earthenware objects have been discovered in the basement of the building. Certain parts of lower floors had been allocated as a graveyard. The upper graves belong to the Zoroastrian period. It is said that this place was a pottery making vicinity so to speak.

Jam Namesht Bridge

This bridge of 18 arches has been constructed on the Seimareh River 4 kilometers north of Dareh Shahr opposite the Chamkalan Village. The antiquity of this bridge dates back to the Sassanide period, but it was used till later centuries. The bridge is directly connected to the remains of the Sassanide monuments in Dareh Shahr.

Bahram-e-Choobin Gorge

This narrow and high valley is one of the most important and strategic points of the region, located in the western side of the Dareh Shahr - Pol-e-Dokhtar Road. This gorge, which is also called the Bahram Hunting Field, contains several historical monuments in its entrance and on the hard rocks like the ruins of a Sassanide castle which is built of stone and gypsum with stone stairs and four connected water reservoirs which are worth seeing.


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