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Released  November 1991
Artist  Anna Vissi
Producer  Nikos Karvelas
Daimones (1991)  Ode To The Gods (1993)
Release date  November 1991
Label  Sony Music
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Daimones is a soundtrack album of the first ever Greek rock opera starring Anna Vissi, released by Sony Music in Greece only and reached platinum status. The storyline and lyrics are written by Stavros Sideras.



Music and lyrics are by Nikos Karvelas. Lyrics are by Stavros Sideras.

Disc 1

(Act 1)

  1. "Ahrimam"
  2. "Pare Me" (Call me)
  3. "Vasanise" (The torment)
  4. "Kali Mou Gouvernada" (My good governess)
  5. "Stahti" (Ash)
  6. "Thanatos Sti Mavri Magissa" (Death on the black witch)
  7. "Bori" (It can)
  8. "Eisai Akoma Paidi" (You're still a child)
  9. "Kafte Ti" (The burn)
  10. "Oso Gia Sena" (As for you)
  11. "Trihes, Den Ehei Tipota" (Hair, there is nothing)
  12. "Kleino Ta Matia" (I close my eyes)
  13. "Tha Kanoume Bam" (We will do bam)
  14. "Kapote Thimamai Me Agapouse" (Once I remember you love me)
  15. "Kokkino Kragion" (Red lipstick)
  16. "Pos Niotheis" (How do you feel?)
  17. "Sinharitiria" (Congratulations)
  18. "Rilaks" (Rocking chair)
  19. "Fovamai" (I'm afraid)

Disc 2

(Act 2)

  1. "Tabala"
  2. "Vgikan Oi Efimerides" (The newspapers came out)
  3. "Sta Sigoura To Ergo Afto Th'anevei Sto Brodgouei" (This project will go up on Broadway for sure)
  4. "Ourania Toksa" (Rainbows)
  5. "Sta Avata Monopatia" (On the inaccessible paths)
  6. "Efialtis" (Nightmare)
  7. "Kodevo Na Trelatho" (About to go crazy)
  8. "Daimones" (Demons)
  9. "Kirie" (Sir)
  10. "To Tragoudi Tis Filias" (The friendship song)
  11. "Koita Ti Tha Patheis" (Look what's gonna happen to you)
  12. "Daimones" (Demons)
  13. "Kleino Ta Matia" (I close my eyes)

Programming Arrangements

  • Nikos Karvelas
  • Programming Engineering

  • Manolis Vlachos
  • Studio

  • Home Studio (Athens)
  • Director

  • Roger Williams
  • Costume Designer

  • Nikos Petropoulos
  • Choreography

  • Jeffrey Carter
  • Musical Director

  • Michalis Rozakis
  • Songs

    2Pare Me


    Daimones Wikipedia

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