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DJ Logic

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Birth name
Jason Kibler

Ropeadope, Relix

DJ, turntablist

DJ Logic


Musician ·

Years active

DJ Logic wwwcharlestoncitypapercomimagesblogimages2009

Hip-hop, nu-jazz, acid jazz, jam band

Particle: Transformations Live, Moogfest 2006: Live

Music groups
Project Logic, Zen of Logic, The Anomaly, Front End Lifter, Rise & Shine Remixes

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DJ Logic (born 1972 as Jason Kibler) is an American turntablist active primarily in nu-jazz/acid jazz and with jam bands.


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Kibler was born and raised in The Bronx. An early interest in hip hop led to his using the turntables, practicing often. Kibler was also interested in funk and jazz music, and began collaborating with various musicians. His own recordings are perhaps best described as contemporary soul jazz with a strong hip hop feel.

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Kibler tours often with his own group, Project Logic, and has recorded or performed with Vernon Reid, moe., John Mayer, Medeski Martin & Wood, Bob Belden, Jack Johnson, Chris Whitley, Uri Caine, Christian McBride and others. On April 6, 2006, Kibler sat in with Bob Weir's Ratdog, adding his style to the famous Grateful Dead song combo "China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider". He is a founding member of The John Popper Project. On August 15, 2009, Kibler sat in with O.A.R. at Madison Square Garden, adding his style to their latest single "This Town".


His mentor was Vernon Reid, and the twosome recorded and toured occasionally as the Yohimbe Brothers with various guests. Kibler has appeared on studio and live performances with Reid's solo projects, and Reid also did a guest solo on one track from Kibler's original band, Eye and I, which also featured D.K. Dyson and Melvin Gibbs, the latter of which has played on all of the DJ Logic solo releases as well.

DJ Logic DJ Logic The Zen of Logic Paris DJs

Medeski martin wood with dj logic nyc ny 1998 08 14

Rise and Shine Remixes (2011)

DJ Logic In The Studio Textiles w DJ Logic MusicMarauders

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars Meet DJ Logic

Released by Combacha

Track list

  1. Muloma Remix
  2. Jah Come Down Remix
  3. Jah Mercy Remix
  4. Global Threat Remix
  5. But Vange Remix

Zen of Logic (2006)

DJ Logic

Released by Ropeadope Records

Track list

  1. Peace Y'All (I am in the House)
  2. 9th Ward Blues
  3. Balifon Planet
  4. Hypnotic
  5. Interlude #1
  6. Simmer Slow
  7. Afro Beat
  8. One Time
  9. Something Distant
  10. Hope Road
  11. Smackness
  12. Interlude #2
  13. Rat Pack
  14. Holding Down

The John Popper Project (2004)

The John Popper Project

Released by Relix Records

Track list

  1. Lapdance
  2. Everything
  3. All Good Children
  4. In The Midst
  5. Fire In Her Kiss
  6. Louisiana Sky
  7. Trigger
  8. Horses
  9. Took
  10. Morning Light
  11. Open Hand
  12. Show Me
  13. Pack Your Love

Longitude (2004)


Released by Thirsty Ear Recordings

Track list

  1. Transit of Venus
  2. Tycho Brahe
  3. March 1741, Cape Horn
  4. Course Made Good
  5. Dead Reckoning
  6. Medicean Stars
  7. Jupiter Mask
  8. H-4
  9. Back Quadrant
  10. Epherimedes
  11. Prime Meridian
  12. South Heading

The Tao of Yo (2004)

Yohimbe Brothers

Released by Thirsty Ear Recordings

Track list

  1. Shine For Me
  2. The Secret Frequency
  3. More From Life
  4. Shape 4
  5. Noh Rio
  6. TV
  7. 30 Spokes
  8. Unimportance
  9. No Pistolas
  10. Overcoming
  11. Words They Use
  12. Shape 1
  13. Perfect Traveller

Front End Lifter (2002)

Yohimbe Brothers

Released by Ropeadope Records

Track list

  1. Ponk
  2. Tenemental
  3. 6996-Club-Vohimbe
  4. Psychopathia Mojosexualis
  5. Welcome 2 The Freq Show
  6. Smoke and Dust Dub Version
  7. The Big Pill
  8. Bamalamb
  9. Transmission XXX
  10. Just A Little Screwy
  11. Invitation To A Situation
  12. Prelude To A Diss
  13. Innerspin (A Tone Hymn)
  14. The Callipygiac Caldonians
  15. That Obscure Object of Desire

The Anomaly (2001)

DJ Logic

Released by Ropeadope Records

Track list

  1. French Quarter
  2. Black Buddah
  3. Ron’s House
  4. Michelle
  5. Frequency One
  6. Tih Gnob
  7. Bean-E-Man
  8. Who Am I?
  9. Soul-Kissing
  10. Afronautical
  11. The Project(s)
  12. Hip-Hopera
  13. An Interlude
  14. Miles Away
  15. Drone

Project Logic (1999)

DJ Logic

Released by Ropeadope Records

Track list

  1. Intro
  2. Shea’s Groove
  3. Abyss
  4. Eyes Open (But Dead)
  5. Mnemonics
  6. Interlude 1
  7. Flat As Aboard
  8. Gig 1
  9. Interlude 2
  10. Una Cosa Buena
  11. Bag of Tricks
  12. J.J. Bailey
  13. Two Different Places
  14. Spider Dance
  15. Interlude 3
  16. Bruckner Boulevard
  17. Kinda Bleu


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