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Curdled (film)

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Director  Reb Braddock
Initial DVD release  March 2, 2004
Country  United States
5.9/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Language  English
Curdled (film) movie poster
Release date  September 27, 1996 (1996-09-27) (U.S.)
Writer  Reb Braddock, John Maass, Reb Braddock, John Maass, Quentin Tarantino (Gecko Brothers news report)
Screenplay  Quentin Tarantino, Reb Braddock, John Maass
Cast  Bruce Ramsay (Eduardo), William Baldwin (Paul Guell), Lois Chiles (Katrina Brandt), Barry Corbin (Lodger), Mel Gorham (Elena), Angela Jones (Gabriela)
Similar movies  The Case of the Scorpion's Tail, I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine, Mad Max: Fury Road, Sea of Love, Halloween, Bloody Moon

Curdled 1996 trailer

Curdled is a 1996 black comedy film written and directed by Reb Braddock. The film stars Angela Jones as a Colombian immigrant who takes a crime scene cleanup job, and discovers evidence about a local serial killer dubbed the "Blue Blood Killer" for his targeting of socialites. The film is a re-make of a 1991 short film of the same name, which was also directed by Braddock and starred Jones.


Curdled (film) movie scenes

Curdled intro scene feat lupita ferrer william baldwin


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Gabriela (Jones) is a Colombian immigrant living in Miami who has been fascinated with violent death ever since she saw a falling corpse pass by her mother's bakery window as a child. With many television shows and films feeding her obsession, she believes that after someone is decapitated, they still talk for a short while afterwards.

Curdled (film) Curdled Stockholm Film Festival

Having quit her job at a bakery, she begins work for a cleaning service, after she sees a television commercial advertising it. The service is headed by a man named Lodger (Barry Corbin), who specializes in mopping up what is left behind at crime scenes. She goes to the office, inquires about a job and later is (to the dismay of Elena (Mel Gorham), her cleaning partner) offered the opportunity to clean up after an execution by her favorite at-large serial killer, The Blue Blood Killer (William Baldwin) (so named because his victims are all wealthy women).

Curdled (film) Quentin Tarantino

The two women go to the scene of the crime and begin cleaning up the mess. Elena diligently works away, trying to get out of there as soon as possible; meanwhile Gabriela discovers what she believes to be the name of the serial killer - "Paul Guell" - beneath a pool of blood, but covers it up so that Elena won't see and think she is weird. Due to the amount of blood, they have to leave and come back the next day.

Curdled (film) The Scarlet Abbey Angela Jones

While out on a date with ex-colleague Eduardo (Bruce Ramsay), Gabriela reveals to him what she found out and after failing to clearly explain, convinces him to go to the house that same night, before it all gets cleaned up.

Curdled (film) Curdled 1996 MUBI

Unbeknown to Gabriela and Eduardo, the killer is still in the building after accidentally locking himself in the wine cellar while trying to escape. Gabriela opens the door to the cellar, when Eduardo freaks out and decides he wants to go, leaving the door ajar and the killer an escape route. Eduardo leaves when Gabriela refuses to go with him, and she picks up a knife, dancing around the house where the blood is, acting out what she thinks happened - all while the killer watches.

Curdled (film) Curdled 1996 Trailer YouTube

When Eduardo returns after a second thought, the killer hits him over the head and hides him in the wine cellar. He soon stops Gabriela and forces her to walk him through what happened, checking that she knows the full story, and when they come to the end, they briefly argue about Gabriela's theory of heads talking after decapitation. The killer then decides it's time for Gabriela to die, but in a struggle, he slips and is knocked out on the tiled floor.

When he begins to come to, Gabriela, out of sheer curiosity, picks up the knife and cuts his head off. She slowly lifts up his head and he mumbles her name, to which Gabriela smiles with satisfaction. In a post-credits scene Gabriela and Eduardo are driving in a car and Gabriela plays the tape which recorded the killers last word after beheading.


  • William Baldwin as Paul Guell
  • Angela Jones as Gabriela
  • Lois Chiles as Katrina Brandt
  • Barry Corbin as Lodger
  • Sabrina Cowan as Red Haired Waitress
  • Lupita Ferrer as Marie Clement
  • Daisy Fuentes as Clara
  • Mel Gorham as Elena
  • Carmen Lopez as Lourdes
  • Kelly Preston as Kelly Hogue
  • Bruce Ramsay as Eduardo
  • Caridad Rivelo as Joan
  • Vivienne Sendaydiego as Eva
  • Sandra Thigpen as Grace
  • Charles Tucker as San the Barback (as Charles J. Tucker)
  • George Clooney: Seth Gecko (archive footage)
  • Quentin Tarantino: Richard "Richie" Gecko (archive footage)
  • Critical reception

    The film received negative reviews, with the film review collection website, Rotten Tomatoes, giving the film 17% approval rating, yet a slightly more promising 4.3/10 average rating. Roger Ebert gave the film two out of four stars, saying that the film "is not very interesting", however praising Jones' ability to play "a tricky role with the right note of deadpan delight". Similarly, Todd McCarthy, former critic for Variety, said that Jones "manages to hold viewer interest throughout with a devilishly witty turn... despite having desperately little to work with".


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