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Cry Chicago

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Directed by  Javier Setó
Edited by  Antonio Gimeno
Running time  105 minutes
Director  Javier Setó
Music director  Gian Franco Reverberi
5.7/10 IMDb

Music by  Gian Franco Reverberi
Release date  22 September 1969
Initial release  22 September 1969
Cinematography  Emilio Foriscot
Written by  Javier Setó
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Starring  Jeffrey Hunter, Guglielmo Spoletini, Gogó Rojo, Eduardo Fajardo, Víctor Israel
Cast  Jeffrey Hunter, Gogó Rojo, Víctor Israel, Eduardo Fajardo
Similar  Ricco the Mean Machine, Counselor at Crime, Grand Slam, Rififi in Amsterdam, The Bloody Hands of the Law

Cry Chicago (originally ¡Viva América! and also released as The Mafia Mob, Italian: La vera storia di Frank Mannata) is a 1969 Spanish-Italian crime film directed by the Catalan film director Javier Setó (in the credit Saviero Seto), starring Jeffrey Hunter, Guglielmo Spoletini, Eduardo Fajardo, Víctor Israel, Pier Angeli, Margaret Lee and Gogó Rojo.



After the Great Depression Francesco Mannata it starts to America from Sicily to his brother Salvatore in Chicago. Francesco takes the name Frank Mannata and with Salvatore and our sister, Rosella begin the organization of a mafia empire. The mafia war breaks out between the Sicilian Mannatas and the Italo-Irish O'Connor-Messina gangs. Many people die in this conflicts (including Salvatore and Rose), finally Frank Mannata also killed by minor gangster Dr. MacDonald.

Information about the film

Setó's movie partly is the epigon of crime film They Paid with Bullets: Chicago 1929 (1969) of Julio Diamante.

While in Spain in November 1968 to film Cry Chicago, Jeffrey Hunter was injured in an on-set explosion when a car window near him, which had been rigged to explode outward, accidentally exploded inward. Hunter sustained a serious concussion. According to Hunter's wife Emily, he "...went into shock" on the plane ride back to the United States after filming. After landing, Hunter was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles but doctors could not find any serious injuries. On May 26, 1969, Hunter suffered an intracranial hemorrhage in Van Nuys, California. He fell and struck his head on a banister, fracturing his skull. He was found unconscious and taken to Valley Presbyterian Hospital where he underwent brain surgery to repair his injuries. He died the following morning at the age of 42.


  • Jeffrey Hunter: Frank (Francesco) Mannata
  • Guglielmo Spoletini: Salvatore Mannata, Frank's brother
  • Margaret Lee: Lucy Barrett, Frank's wife
  • Gogó Rojo: Rosella (Rose) Mannata, Frank's sister
  • Pier Angeli: Bambi (as Anna Maria Pierangeli), Salvatore's lover
  • Eduardo Fajardo: Dick O'Connor, Irish gangster boos
  • Víctor Israel: Dr. MacDonald, doctor, consultant and gangster
  • Beni Deus: Timothy, Rosella's Greek husband
  • Paloma Cela
  • Luis Induni: Buchanan, police chief of Chicago
  • Sun De Sanders: Patricia
  • Barta Barri: Matón, O'Connor's henchman
  • Antonio Pica: Federel agent Ethen Lason
  • Ricardo Palacios: Charlie Romero, bar owner
  • Lola Villar: prostituta
  • Mike Brendel
  • Miguel del Castillo: O'Brian, gangster and O'Connor's mate
  • Juan Olaguivel: O'Brian's bodyguard and driver
  • Fernando Bilbao
  • Kathy Lagarde
  • Yamil Omar: Turkish immigrant
  • Antonia Mas: Mammy, proprietress of bordello
  • Rafael Vaquero
  • Adolfo Thous
  • Manuel Bermúdez Boliche
  • José Solís
  • Armando Calvo: Senator Charles Temple
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