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Type  Pasta
Place of origin  Italy
Region or state  Liguria
Croxetti Apron and Sneakers Cooking amp Traveling in Italy and Beyond
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Croxetti stamp pasta making

Croxetti [kroˌksɛtti] is a type of pasta consisting of flat medallion or coin-shaped pasta disks stamped by hand or machine with intricate patterns.


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Croxetti del pastificio artigianale alta valle scrivia con pesto delicato di pinoli e maggiorana

Origin and history

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Croxetti originated in Liguria, in Northern Italy along the border with France, during the middle ages. In the past they were made by local peasants and used by aristocratic families as a display of wealth and status.

They are similar to another Ligurian pasta called Corzetti.


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Croxetti are still produced in small batches near Genoa. They are stamped and cut into circles approximately 4 centimetres (1 12 inches) in diameter from flat pasta sheets with a mold to create the distinctive patterns. The combination mold/cutter may be made of hand-carved wood or a bronze die. The stamping may be done by hand or by machine, with the hand-stamped versions being more elaborate. The detail forms ridges that allow sauce to cling and add flavor.

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The pasta typically has patterns on both sides, with an intricate design on one side and a simpler pattern on the other. Whereas they once featured a family coat of arms, the fancier side now features a regional coat of arms or the maker's trademark. Typical symbols on the other side are a cross (from which the name croxetti derives), fruit, family initials, mortar and pestle, sunsets, sailboats, or palm trees. In Italy they may be used as wedding favors or for other events, in which case an artisan craftsman is commissioned to make the die for people to prepare the pasta at home.

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Croxetti are usually served with a simple meat or mushroom sauce, pesto, pine nut or walnut sauce, fish sauce, or light cream sauce. They may also be served with a simple butter or oil, possibly with herbs, or plain.

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