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Creation Is Crucifixion

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Also known as  Chapter
Albums  Child as Audience
Years active  1997–present (on hold)
Genres  Metalcore, Mathcore
Creation Is Crucifixion CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION Antenna Builder Rerecorded Splits Live
Associated acts  5/5/2000 Cattle Decapitation Fate of Icarus Jade Meridian Zao
Members  Paul Nowoczynski Nathan Martin Michael Laughlin Chad Schlegel Ryan Unks
Past members  Scott Mellinger Adam MacGregor Mike Williams Nathan Berlinguette Todd Ladner Karl Hlavinka
Origin  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States (1997)
Record labels  Robotic Empire, Willowtip Records
Similar  Suicide Nation, Russ Cogdell, Jesse Smith, Daniel Weyandt, Circle of Dead Children

Creation is crucifixion gutter tech mutation engine

Creation Is Crucifixion is a mathcore band that was formed in early 1997 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The band was known for its complicated sound, which varied from ambient noise to more complex pieces. Their lyrical themes often dealt with technology and various functions of society, such as politics and religion.


Creation Is Crucifixion wwwmetalarchivescomimages174517459photojpg

The members of the band formed Hactivist Media in 2001 to release the recordings and experiments of the group. This signaled a step in the band's evolution as the group became increasingly political with the release of their Child as Audience CD in 2001, which featured a large booklet printed in multiple languages that theorized using technology as subversion (focusing on the reprogramming of children's video games). The band also experimented with various formats by releasing compositions on 3.5" discs through the organization.

Creation Is Crucifixion Creation is Crucifixion From DIY Hardcore Vocals to Tech Company

Creation Is Crucifixion has been mostly inactive since 2002. There is a further release in the works via Robotic Empire, but the release has suffered numerous delays.

Creation Is Crucifixion Creation is Crucifixion blue skies above us

Former member, Scott Mellinger is a member of hardcore Christian band Zao. Michael Laughlin was formerly the drummer of the deathgrind band Cattle Decapitation.

Creation is crucifixion automata full album


Creation Is Crucifixion Creation is Crucifixion Burn the Churches YouTube
  • Paul Nowoczynski - guitar (original member)
  • Nathan Martin - vocals (original member)
  • Michael Laughlin - drums (original member, former member of Cattle Decapitation)
  • Chad Schlegel - bass
  • Ryan Unks - guitar
  • Former

    Creation Is Crucifixion CREATION IS CRUCIFIXION quotThe Data Bodyquot 120101 924 Gilman St
  • Scott Mellinger - guitar (current member of Zao)
  • Adam MacGregor - guitar (current member of Conelrad, Brown Angel and Microwaves)
  • Mike Williams (Yellow Hair Strong) - bass
  • Nathan Berlinguette - bass
  • Todd Ladner - bass
  • Karl Hlavinka -guitar (Racetraitor and Kill the Slave Master)
  • Singles

  • Descent from Heaven 7" (2 song, self-released, 1998)
  • Dethrone or Devour 7" (King of Monsters Records, 1998)
  • split 7" with Suicide Nation (Cyberdine243 Records, 1999)
  • split 7" with Fate of Icarus (Willowtip Records, 1999)
  • split 7" with Unruh (Willowtip Records, 1999)
  • split 7" with Suicide Nation (repress, Hactivist Media 2001)
  • EPs

  • Automata 12"/ CD (Willowtip Records, 1999)
  • Rerecording of the Vinyl Songs (Willowtip Records, 2000)
  • Child as Audience CD (Hactivist Media, 2001)
  • Albums

  • In_Silico CD (King of Monsters Records, 1998), LP (Cyberdine243 Records, 1998)
  • In_Silico CD/LP (Repress, Scorched Earth Policy Records, 2000)
  • Odd Format Releases

  • Floppy Noize Series Disk One 3.5" Floppy Disc (Hactivist Media, 2001)
  • UUM Floppy Noize Series Disk Two 3.5" Floppy Disc (Hactivist Media, 2001)
  • Kill Net Art 3" mini CD (Limited to 100 copies, Hactivist Media, 2001)
  • UUM Laboratory Series 1 3" mini CD (Ltd to 100 copies, Hactivist Media, 2001)
  • Destructivist CD (Hactivist Media, 2001)
  • Radio Bronka CDr (Hactivist Media, 2002)
  • Songs

    The Data BodyIn Silico · 1999
    Dethrone or DevourDethrone or Devour · 1998
    Gameboy AKA This is Where Technology and Anarchy FuckAntenna Builder + Rerecorded Splits / Live in Geneva · 2016


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