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Come Home Love

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Genre  Modern Sitcom
First episode date  14 May 2012
Number of episodes  995
Number of seasons  2
Theme music composer  Joyce Cheng
Final episode date  3 July 2015
Network  TVB Jade
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Created by  Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited
Written by  Shiu Lai King, Sin Chiu Ching, Kwan Bing Hung, Liu Cheng Ching, Tsang Hon, Leung Chi Yin, Ma Chuan Ying, Lau Wai Kit, Yip Gwong Yam, Koo Yi Lai, Lo Yuan Ha, Lee Bak Wai, Wong Chi Yan, Liu Sau Lin, Ho Sai Kit, Yeung Cung Bak, Yuan Bo Wai, Chan Ho Yee, Man Yue Han
Directed by  Chan Chi Gwong, Wong Yu Lok, Cheng Wing Ciu, Sin Yin Fong, Chan Siu Ling, Wong Wai Yip, Cheung Wing Ho
Starring  Lau Dan, Tsui Wing, Chris Lai, Yvonne Lam, Florence Kwok, Carlo Ng, Angel Chiang, Joey Law, Queenie Chu, Geoffrey Wong, Glen Lee, Max Cheung, Steve Lee, Lisa ChongGriselda Yeung, Yeewan Ho, Raymond Chiu, Celine Ma, William Chu, Auston Lam
Cast  Florence Kwok, Lai Lok‑yi, Lau Dan, Tsui Wing, Angel Chiang
Similar  Rogue Emperor, Hong Kong television drama, Ruse of Engagement, Swipe Tap Love, Overachievers

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Come Home Love (Chinese: 愛·回家; Jyutping: Oi3 Wui4 Gaa1; literally "Love, Return Home") is a 2012 till 2015 Hong Kong modern sitcom created and produced by TVB. Originally intended for 180 episodes the series was extended multiple times, finally concluding in July 2015 with 804 episodes total. The series began broadcast on TVB Jade and HD Jade May 14, 2012 every Monday through Friday during its 8:00-8:30 pm timeslot.


In February 2015, TVB announced plans to end the series so the cast and production team can move on to other projects. However, due to good ratings the series was continued with a spin-off series with a whole new cast and production team.

Series 2 started broadcast on July 6, 2015. the only returning cast resuming their roles are Chris Lai, Max Cheung, Griselda Yeung and Geoffrey Wong, who play minor roles in the second series.

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The series revolves around the Ma family, an extended Chinese family living together in modern Hong Kong. The story also extends to the law firm youngest son John (Ma Chaung) works at.

Ma Fu (Lau Dan), is a retired officer of the Hong Kong Correctional Services. He is the patriarch of the Ma family and his traditional and disciplinarian approach to life creates both friction and solutions. The other members of the family are his much younger sister Ma Yau (Florence Kwok); second son and daughter-in-law, Ma Keung (Tsui Wing) and Lo Lai Sheung (Yvonne Lam Yi Kei); the deceased eldest son´s Ma Gin's, children Ma Tse Yan (Joey Law) and Ma Tse Nei (Angel Chiang); and youngest son Ma Chaung (Lai Lok-yi).

Main cast

  • Lau Dan as Ma Fu (馬虎)
  • Head of the Ma family
  • Tsui Wing as Ma Keung (馬強) & Ma Gin (馬健)
  • Fu's second son, married to Lai Sheung. Also adopted his deceased older brother's two kids, "Leslie" Tse Yan and "Tracy" Tse Nei.
  • Yvonne Lam as Diana Lo Lai Sheung (勞麗嫦)
  • Keung's wife and adopted mother to Tse Yan and Tse Nei, and a wedding planner.
  • Chris Lai as John Ma Chaung (馬壯)
  • Fu's youngest son, a legal executive, later lawyer.
  • Florence Kwok as Angel Ma Yau (馬柔)
  • Fu's much younger sister, a coffee brewer and secret shopper.
  • Carlo Ng as Jacky Leung Yin Fun (梁彥芬)
  • A Ma family friend and bakery manager in Macao, childhood friend of Angel.
  • Angel Chiang as Tracy Ma Tse Nei (馬子妮)
  • Fu's granddaughter by his eldest son, a college student; she eventually works as a clerk at a law firm and as an amateur jewelry maker.
  • Joey Law as Leslie Ma Tse Yan (馬子仁)
  • Fu's grandson by his eldest son, a fashion designer.
  • Queenie Chu as Alex Wan Tak Yu (尹德如)
  • A solicitor and John’s superior, later his girlfriend.
  • Geoffrey Wong as Damon Cha Ka Sak (查嘉澤)
  • John's boss. He owns his own law firm.
  • Glen Lee as Anthony Lau Sheung Yau (樓尚友)
  • Alex’s colleague and protege, Amanda's younger brother.
  • Max Cheung as Richard Yim Gan (嚴謹)
  • A barrister. Eventually marries Fung Yin Ha.
  • Griselda Yeung as Fung Yin Ha (馮嫣霞)
  • A barrister. Has a son from a previous marriage. Eventually marries Richard.
  • Steve Lee as Leung Wing Hung (梁永洪)
  • Ma Keung's employee at the store.
  • Lisa Chong as Heung Ching (向晴)
  • A legal clerk at the law firm
  • Yeewan Ho as Maggie Koon May Kei (管美琪)
  • Damon Cha's personal secretary at the law firm.
  • Raymond Chiu as Chung Biu (鍾標)
  • Ma Keung's former classmate.
  • Celine Ma as So Bik (蘇碧)
  • A bartender at PushUp Bar.
  • William Chu as Lee Chi Sing (李志成)
  • A legal adviser and John's co-worker at the law firm. Si-Si's older brother.
  • Auston Lam as Soeng Goon Fei (上官飛)
  • Ma Keung's employee at the store and a street performer who wants to be a singer.

    Main recurring cast

  • Yat-Fei Lau as Cou Zong (曹總)
  • Extended cast

  • Joyce Tang as Yu Sing Nam (余勝男)
  • Development

  • The costume fitting ceremony was held on March 7, 2012 at 12:30 pm Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One. Original cast attendance included Lau Dan, Tsui Wing, Lai Lok Yi, Florence Kwok, Yvonne Lam, Joey Law, Angel Chiang, Queenie Chu, Carlo Ng, Yvonne Ho, Max Cheung, William Chu, Griselda Yeung, Lisa Ch'ng, Wong Chun Tong, Raymond Chiu, Lee Ka Ting, Auston Lam, Celine Ma, Jenny Lau, Apple Chan, Cheung Yin Chak, Hero Yuen, William Chak, and Hebe Chan.
  • The series was originally intended to have 180 episodes. Due to solid ratings, TVB extended the series to 300 episodes in January 2013.
  • Also in January 2013, Oceane Zhu whose character was originally a cameo was promoted to main cast due to her character being well received by audiences.
  • With continued solid ratings and urging by audiences, TVB ordered an additional 200 episodes on May 2013. Totaling 500 episodes, the cast and crew held a banquet to celebrate the milestone.
  • After extended the series multiple times because of solid ratings, TVB announced in February 2015 that they are planning to finally conclude the series even though the series is still doing well in the ratings.
  • TVB originally planned to have certain cast members and the production crew collaborate again in a new sitcom series. Plans were scraped, Instead a spin-off series with a whole new cast and crew was created. The second series retains the Come Home Love title, but will not have any major connections to the first series. Chris Lai, Max Cheung, Griselda Yeung and Geoffrey Wong are the only cast members to resume their characters in the second series. They will be playing minor roles in the new series.
  • A promo image of Come Home Love was one of twelve series featured in TVB's 2015 calendar for the month of February.
  • Viewership ratings

    ^Note 1 : Episode 51 (July 23, 2012) peaked at 38 points as a result of a Typhoon Vicente.

    *' Episodes were not broadcast on:
    *2012 - October 1, October 8, November 19, December 17
    *2013 - February 11, October 4, November 19, December 16,December 20
    *2014 - January 17, January 31, October 20, November 19, December 15
    *2015 - February 19, February 20


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