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Coir Board of India

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The Coir Board is a statutory body established by the Government of India under the 'Coir Industry Act 1953 (45 of 1953)' for the promotion and development of the coir (coconut fibre) industry in India.

It is based in Kochi and Alappuzha. The head office of the Coir Board is in Kochi and the research and training office is in Kalavoor, Alappuzha. The coir industry is one of the traditional industries in India that is still at its peak. The Coir Board has regional offices in different parts of India, wherever there is a presence of any coir industry. The board works for the promotion, research, education, and training of the coir industry. The board functions under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

The coir industry employs more than 7 lakh persons of whom a majority is from rural areas belonging to the economically weaker sections of society.

The Coir Board has worked actively to support the International Year of Natural Fibres 2009.


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