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Cliffords Really Big Movie

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Director  Robert C. Ramirez
Initial DVD release  August 24, 2004
Language  English
5.5/10 IMDb

Genre  Animation, Family
Budget  70,000 USD
Country  United States
Cliffords Really Big Movie movie poster
Release date  February 20, 2004 (2004-02-20)
Based on  Clifford the Big Red Dog  by Norman Bridwell
Writer  Robert C. Ramirez (screenplay), Rhett Reese (screenplay), Norman Bridwell (book)
Cast  John Ritter (Clifford), Wayne Brady (Shackelford), Grey DeLisle (Emily Elizabeth), John Goodman (George Wolfsbottom), Kel Mitchell (T-Bone), Judge Reinhold (Larry)
Similar movies  John Goodman appears in Cliffords Really Big Movie and Were Back! A Dinosaurs Story
Tagline  Get ready for Clifford's Biggest, Reddest, Most Amazing Movie!

Clifford s really big movie reunion

Clifford's Really Big Movie is an American animated musical epic adventure comedy-drama family film, loosely based on the book series Clifford the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell, and more closely based on the classic PBS Kids TV series adapted from it. This film was directed by Robert Ramirez, produced by Scholastic Entertainment and Big Red Dog Productions, and originally released to theaters by Warner Bros. on February 20, 2004.


Cliffords Really Big Movie movie scenes

The film depicts a Labrador Retriever named Clifford (John Ritter) running away and joining a travelling animal show known as "Larry's Amazing Animals" with his best friends. Larry Gablegobble (Judge Reinhold), the presenter of the animal show, doesn't allow animals who have owners, so they pretend their dog tags are fake. The film takes place in the fictional island of "Birdwell Island", which is the name is inspired by Norman Bridwell, the author of the books.

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This was John Ritter's final film role as he died of aortic dissection on September 11, 2003. The film was dedicated to his memory, and it serves as the series finale.

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Clifford's Really Big Movie Cliffords Really Big Movie Movie Preview Starring John Ritter and

A Labrador Retriever named Clifford visits a carnival with his owner, Emily Elizabeth and her friends, Charley and Jetta, and Clifford's friends, Cleo and T-Bone. Clifford, Cleo, and T-Bone are amazed by an animal act known as Larry's Amazing Animals, consisting of Shackleford the Ferret, Dorothy the Cow, Dirk the Dachshund, and Rodrigo the Chihuahua. After the show, Shackleford discovers that the only way for their performances to continue is to win a Tummy Yummies Animal Talent Contest, promising fame, fortune, and a lifetime supply of Tummy Yummies. When Clifford and his friends go to collect their autographs, Shackleford attempts to convince them to join the act, believing Clifford's appearance would help them improve, but none of them agree because they do not want to leave their owners.

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The next day, Clifford overhears the Howards' conversation with their neighbor. He mistakenly believes he is a financial burden on the family and decides to join the Amazing Animals, with T-Bone and Cleo joining him. After escaping a town afraid of Clifford, the group finds Larry's animals. Since Larry cannot accept animals with owners, they dispose their dog tags, claiming they are to trick dogcatchers. Clifford helps the others improve their acts and immediately becomes the star of the show, much to Shackleford's annoyance. Meanwhile, Emily Elizabeth searches for Clifford and finds out he ran away.

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Larry's Amazing Animals finally receives entry for the Tummy Yummies contest, and Shackleford tells Clifford how much he despises him, causing Clifford to get angry and leave, although Cleo and T-Bone convince him to return. Larry's Amazing Animals wins the contest, but the CEO of Tummy Yummies, George Wolfsbottom, steals Clifford for his spoiled daughter Madison.

Clifford's Really Big Movie Cliffords Really Big Movie YouTube

At a hotel, Shackleford tries to get everyone to realize Clifford just wanted the Tummy Yummies, prompting a furiously disgusted Cleo to expose his true intentions. Shackleford realizes he was wrong about him and shows the tags to Larry, and he contacts Emily Elizabeth. The animals break Clifford out of his cage, but T-Bone accidentally sets off the alarm. The group narrowly escape, and Emily Elizabeth arrives in time to claim Clifford before Wolfsbottom can get him. Clifford reconciles with Shackleford, and he, his friends, and Emily Elizabeth return to Birdwell Island.


  • John Ritter as Clifford, an enormous red Labrador Retriever who joins a travelling animal show named "Larry's Amazing Animals" along with his two friends, T-Bone and Cleo. Ritter had died the year before the film was released in theaters.
  • Wayne Brady as Shackelford, a blue ferret in "Larry's Amazing Animals".
  • Grey DeLisle as Emily Elizabeth Howard, Clifford's kind owner who loves him very much.
  • DeLisle also voices Caroline Howard, Emily Elizabeth's mother.
  • Jenna Elfman as Dorothy, a cow and the only female in "Larry's Amazing Animals".
  • John Goodman as George Wolfsbottom, the founder and CEO of "Tummy Yummies", a dog food brand.
  • Judge Reinhold as Larry Gablegobble, the presenter and namesake of "Larry's Amazing Animals".
  • Jess Harnell as Dirk, a dachshund in "Larry's Amazing Animals".
  • Kel Mitchell as T-Bone, a yellow bulldog who is one of Clifford's friends and joins "Larry's Amazing Animals" along with Clifford and Cleo.
  • Nick Jameson as Sheriff Lewis, T-Bone's owner.
  • Kath Soucie as Jetta Handover, one of Emily Elizabeth's friends.
  • Soucie also voice as Madison, George Wolfsbottom's daughter.
  • Oren Williams as Charley, one of Emily Elizabeth's friends.
  • Cree Summer as Cleo, a purple poodle who is one of Clifford's friends who joins "Larry's Amazing Animals" along with Clifford and T-Bone.
  • Summer also voices Ms. Diller, Cleo's owner.
  • Wilmer Valderrama as Rodrigo, a chihuahua who is in "Larry's Amazing Animals".
  • Cam Clarke as Mark Howard, Emily Elizabeth's father.
  • Earl Boen as Horace Bleakman, Emily Elizabeth's neighbor who is often grumpy.
  • Home media

    The film was released on DVD and VHS on August 24, 2004 by Warner Home Video. It was later re-released on a bare-bones dvd in 2015 by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.


    Jody Gray composed the score for the film. The soundtrack was released by Warner Bros. Records.

    Songs from soundtrack

  • "Until I Go" – Kyle Gordon as Clifford
  • "Party Time" – Jody Gray as Shackleford
  • "I'm Not Scared Anymore" – Renee Cologne as Dorothy
  • "You and Me" – Jody Gray as Clifford
  • "Big Time" – Jody Gray as Larry
  • "Larry's Amazing Animals" – Jody Gray as Shackleford, Dorothy, Rodrigo and Dirk
  • "Until I Go Reprise" – Laura Berman as Emily
  • "Home Where I Belong" – Romaine Jones as Emily
  • Box-office reception

    The film grossed $3.3 million.

    Critical reception

    On review aggregation website, Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 53% based on 32 reviews, with an average rating of 5.7/10. On Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating to on reviews, the film has a score of 49 out of 100, based on 15 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".


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