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Chyi Chin

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Chinese name
齊秦 (traditional)


Sun Li Ya (m. 2010)

Chinese name
齐秦 (simplified)

Chyi Yu, Chyi Lu

Qi Qin (Mandarin)

Chyi Chin

Bonnie Chyi, Chi Chia

Che Chin (Hokkien)


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Wonderful Life, Howling, Rou Ching Ju Yi

Similar People
Chyi Yu, Joey Wong, Valen Hsu, Panda Hsiung, Mavis Hee

12 January 1960 (age 60), Taichung City, Taiwan

hidden singer 09 chyi chin sings with chyi yu and talks about his love life

Chyi Chin (traditional Chinese: 齊秦; simplified Chinese: 齐秦; pinyin: Qí Qín; born January 12, 1960 in Taichung, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese singer and songwriter.


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齊秦 - 大約在冬季 / It's about in Winter (by Chyi Chin)

Early life

Chyi Chin Chyi Chin suffers burns in home accident

When he was young, his father had a strict daily regimen of study that started at 5 am. His studies varied from English music and literature to classical Chinese literature and Tang dynasty poetry. Chyi, however, did not enjoy reading. When he became a teenager, his father's push for education caused a strain on their relationship. Chyi joined a local gang in defiance of his father, and landed in jail for three years as a result of his decision. During his incarceration, Chyi Chin learned to be introspective and kept a diary. While in prison, he earned an appreciation for music. The prison had a guitar in the courtyard for the "juvenile delinquents’" recreation, and Chyi taught himself how to play on it.

Chyi Chin Taiwanese singer Chyi Chin mired in petition incident China News

After his release, Chyi Chin and his older sister, Chyi Yu, often sang together at home, but his father again placed him in home detention for a year. Chyi Yu, by then already a famous singer, gave Chin his start in the field. Whenever she performed "The Olive Tree" (橄欖樹), she would tell the audience that her brother could sing it even better than she could. Following a duet in Hong Kong with her brother, she gave him an expensive guitar, which he practiced on every day, and after their father died from cancer, Chyi Chin didn't want to inherit any property, but kept all the books he had to read.


Chyi Chin My Family History Chyi Chin

Chyi started his formal career in 1981 with his first album titled See her Slip Away Again (又見溜溜的她). Which made him quite popular and later that year he released the smash hit "Wolf" in 1985 and opened up Rainbow Studios.

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Chyi groups his music career into two periods: the "wolf period" (pre-1992) and the "deer period" (after he converted to Buddhism in 1992). He attributes the titles of the two periods to "Wolf", the hit single he released in 1985, and a poem that a fortune-teller told him. "The deer bleated/gently towards the hunter’s rifle muzzle it walked/gently it toppled/still, with gentle eyes at the hunter it gazed." ("鹿哨呦呦/ 溫柔地走近獵人的槍口/ 溫柔地倒下/ 依然用溫柔的眼神看著獵人").

Personal life

Chyi Chin was also very well known for the relationship with Joey Wong, who has been a top Taiwanese actress. Their relationship lasted about 16 years, from 1985 to 2002. They separated and got back together 3 times, but separated for good in 2002 after a court case and she left for Canada, now they remain friends.

Chyi Chin AllChina Youth Federation

On March 2010, Chyi married his 27-year-old wife, Sun Li Ya, in Las Vegas, U.S., and gave birth to a baby daughter, Bonnie in March 25, 2011.

Chyi Chin Gloria Joy Victor 1 Joey Wang downfall in the prime of youth

On September 1, 2011, Chyi was undergoing cupping therapy when the therapist accidentally spilled alcohol on his body, causing a fire. Chyi suffered burns to his back, face and chest. According to a burns expert, second-degree burns damage the surface of the skin and the tissue beneath and while they are not life-threatening, scarring is inevitable. Though Chyi's voice was not damaged, his engagements for the next two to three months had been cancelled to allow him to recuperate.

Wolf Period works

  • 又見溜溜的她 (1981)
  • 狼的專輯 (1985)
  • 出沒 (1986)
  • 冬雨 (1987)
  • 狼Ⅱ (1987)
  • 棋王 (1987)
  • 大約在冬季 (1987)
  • 流浪思鄉 (1988)
  • 紀念日 (1989)
  • 愛情宣言 (1990)
  • 柔情主義 (1991)
  • 狂飆 (1992)
  • Deer Period works

  • 無情的雨無情的你 (1994)
  • 黃金十年 (1994)
  • 暗淡的月 (1994)
  • 命運的深淵 (1995)
  • 痛并快樂著 (1995)
  • 純情歌 (1996)
  • 絲路 (1996)
  • Longer (1997)
  • 97狼-黃金自選集 (1997)
  • 我拿什么愛你 (1998)
  • 世紀情歌之謎 (1998)
  • 西藏演唱會 (1998)
  • 曠世情歌全紀錄 (2000)
  • 呼喚 (2002)
  • 网友專輯 (2003)
  • 美麗境界 (2010)
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