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Directed by  Bruno Desraisses
Country of origin  France
No. of episodes  26
Network  France 5
Number of episodes  26
Composer(s)  François Elie Roulin
No. of seasons  1
First episode date  31 October 2009
Number of seasons  1
Chumballs wwwchumballsfrwpcontentuploads200912Chumba
Production company(s)  Ellipse Animation Les Films de la Perrine Araneo Belgium
Genres  Animation, Adventure, Science Fiction, Children's television series
Similar  Taratabong, Bunny Maloney, Funky Cops, Tales of Tatonka, SantApprentice

Chumballs (French: Les Chumballs) is a French animated series that aired on France 5.



An environmentally unlivable state in Earth following a catastrophic event has driven humans to live underground. They dispatched robots called Chumballs out to the surface to help restore Earth. The Chumballs are supposed to beam a signal down to the humans once their work is complete and confirm that the surface can be resided again. But the humans haven't received the signal, forgets the Chumballs and are forced by the council to remain inside the Earth. Three kids named Solana, Stel, and Tom and their robot Tago leaves the underground and explores the surface of Earth on a goal to find and reactivate the Chumballs in order to have the humans move back.


  • Solana -- The main protagonist of the series. She is a girl educated by Master Pakadis regarding on Earth and the Chumballs. She has the ability to identify plants.
  • Stel -- A friend of Solana. He can think before acting while solving problems.
  • Tom -- The younger brother of Stel. He is very curious and can get distracted by what he sees.
  • Master Pakadis -- A wise old man who believes the Chumballs' mission is in peril and challenges the council's message. He communicates the kids during their adventure through Tago.
  • Tago -- A Chumball-styled robot built by Stel that accompanies the kids. It is able to use several functions and tools that helps the kids.
  • Voltar -- The main antagonist of the series. He wants to disrupt nature and capture the Chumballs.
  • GMX -- The robot henchman of Voltar.
  • The Chumballs -- The spherical robots dispatched by the humans to recover the Earth's environment. They are named after their designer Bob Chumball. They work like machines but they interact and have minds like that of living beings. There are 24 Chumballs, each focusing on a different environment. All episodes except the first and last ones focuses on one of them.
  • Production

    Chumballs was based on the comic book series L'odyssée du temps by Maxime Péroz, a graduate of the École supérieure des arts décoratifs in Strasbourg., and Michèle Graveline. There was also an interactive Chumballs website that existed as of 2001.


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