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Chula Vista, California

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Country  United States of America
Population  256,780 (2013)
Unemployment rate  6.7% (Feb 2015)
Area  52.094 sq mi
State  California
Colleges and Universities  Southwestern College, United States University, Kaplan College-Chula Vista, UEI College - Chula Vista, Pima Medical Institute

Chula Vista ( Spanish: ) is the second largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area, the seventh largest city in Southern California, the fourteenth largest city in the state of California, and the 76th-largest city in the United States. The population was 243,916 as of the 2010 census.


Map of Chula Vista, California

Located just 7.5 miles (12.1 km) from downtown San Diego and 7.5 miles (12.1 km) from the Mexican border in the South Bay region of the metropolitan area, the city is at the center of one of the richest economic and culturally diverse zones in the United States. Chula Vista is so named because of its scenic location between the San Diego Bay and coastal mountain foothills.

Cruisin palomar street in chula vista california on september 30 2011

Founded in the early 19th century, fast population growth has recently been observed in the city. Located in the city is one of Americas few year-round United States Olympic Training centers and popular tourist destinations include SleepTrain Amphitheatre, the Chula Vista marina, and the Living Coast Discovery Center, formerly known as the Chula Vista Nature Center.

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Chula Vista, California in the past, History of Chula Vista, California

In the year 3000 B.C. people speaking the Yuman (Quechan) language began movement into the region from the Lower Colorado River Valley and southwestern Arizona portions of the Sonoran desert. Later the Kumeyaay tribe came to populate the land, on which the city sits today, who lived in the area for hundreds of years.

Chula Vista, California in the past, History of Chula Vista, California

In the year 1542, a fleet of three Spanish Empire ships commanded by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, sailed into San Diego Harbor. Early explorations by Spanish conquistadors, such as these, led to Spanish claims of the land. The historic land on which Chula Vista sits became part of the 1795 land grant known as Rancho del Rey or The Kings Ranch. The land eventually was renamed Rancho de la Nacion.

During the Mexican-American War, California was claimed by the United States, regardless of the California independence movement that had briefly swept the state. Though California was now under the jurisdiction of the United States, land grants were allowed to continue in the form of private property.

The San Diego Land and Town Company developed lands of the Rancho de la Nacion for new settlement. The town began as a five thousand acre development, with the first house being erected in 1887; by 1889, ten houses had been completed. Chula Vista can be roughly translated from Spanish as "beautiful view."

The 1888 completion of the Sweetwater Dam allowed for irrigation of Chula Vista farming lands. Chula Vista eventually became the largest lemon-growing center in the world for a period of time.


Chula Vista, California Beautiful Landscapes of Chula Vista, California

Owning up to its Spanish name origins - beautiful view - Chula Vista is located in the South Bay region of San Diego County, between the foothills of the Jamul and San Ysidro Mountains (including Lower Otay Reservoir) and San Diego Bay on its east and west extremes, and the Sweetwater River and Otay River at its north and south extremes. In South Bay, Chula Vista has a large footprint and, aside from South San Diego, it is the largest geographic entity in the region.

Chula Vista, California Beautiful Landscapes of Chula Vista, California

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city covers an area of 52.1 square miles (135 km2), 49.6 square miles (128 km2) of it land, and 2.5 square miles (6.5 km2) or 4.73% of it water.


Chula Vista maintains a business atmosphere that encourages growth and development. In the city, the small business sector amounts for the majority of Chula Vistas business populous. This small business community is attributed to the citys growth and serves as a stable base for its economic engine.


Chula Vista is home to OnStage Playhouse the only live theater in South Bay, San Diego. Other points of interest and events include the Chula Vista Nature Center, the J Street Harbor, the Third Avenue Village, and the Olympic Training Center. Downtown Chula Vista hosts a number of cultural events, including the famous Lemon Festival, Starlight Parade, and Chula Vista Rose Festival.

SleepTrain Amphitheatre is a performing arts theatre that was the areas first major concert music facility. OnStage theater stages high quality productions; serving as a large contributor to the cultural arts setting in Chula Vista.

Chula Vista, California cuisine

Chula Vista, California Cuisine of Chula Vista, California, Popular Food of Chula Vista, California

Because of its ethnic and cultural mix, San Diego has a wide range of cuisines. One can find Mexican, Italian, French, Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese, Greek, Latin, German, Indian, Central and East Asian, Middle Eastern and Pacific Islander food throughout the city. In addition, there are numerous seafood restaurants and steakhouses. The citys long history and close proximity to Mexico has endowed the area with an extensive variety of authentic Mexican restaurants. Regional homemade specialties, border fare and haute cuisine are all readily available.

San Diegos warm, dry climate and access to the ocean have also made it a center for fishing and for growing fruits and vegetables. Long a center of the tuna industry, San Diego benefits from an abundant supply of seafood.

Many of the most popular restaurants can be found in the Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, La Jolla, Hillcrest and Old Town.

Local specialties include:

  • Mexican (carne asada, street tacos, California burritos, fish tacos, enchiladas, carne asada fries, and ceviche)
  • Wood-fired, California-style pizza
  • Southeast Asian specialties of all kinds
  • Seafood of all kinds
  • Local Wines (San Pasqual Valley, Rancho Bernardo, Julian)
  • Locally produced (from the mountains near Julian) hard and sweet apple cider and Julian apple pie
  • Various fruits and vegetables (including avocados, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, eggplant, oranges, lemons, limes, strawberries, grapefruit, grapes, apples, pomegranates, persimmons, and melons)
  • Several chain restaurants made their start in San Diego. These include Jack in the Box (1951), Pat & Oscars (1991), Souplantation (March 1978), Rubios (1983), Robertos (1964), Albertos (1975), and Anthonys Fish Grotto (1946). Rubios fish tacos were also featured at the 1996 Republican National Convention which was held in San Diego.


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