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Chronological summary of the 2015 Pan American Games

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This page contains a chronological summary of the events from the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada.


Scheduling changes

The aquatics events are scheduled to be held roughly around the same time as the 2015 World Aquatics Championships scheduled in Kazan, Russia. The Organizing Committee's goal is to have the best athletes competing at the Games and thus the schedule for the five aquatics disciplines had to be changed to accommodate athletes. The synchronized swimming competition actually was moved to the day before the opening ceremony, diving events begin on the day of the opening ceremony (when events are traditionally not held on the day of the ceremony), open water swimming was moved to the first weekend of the games, swimming was reduced to a five-day schedule (down from seven in Guadalajara, Mexico), and water polo competitions began three days before the opening ceremony. All events are scheduled to be completed by July 24, six days before the opening ceremonies of the World Championships, which in itself was moved back a week to accommodate the games. The change in schedule meant that for the first time ever, events were held before the opening ceremony.

The 2015 World Archery Championships were scheduled later in July, not to conflict with the games, while the 2015 World Fencing Championships, which will finish the day before the fencing competitions begin, will have events coordinated to allow athletes to compete at both events. Finally, the second round of the 2015 Davis Cup was moved ahead one week not to conflict with the tennis competitions. Tennis competitions will also begin before the opening ceremony, to allow athletes to compete in both events.


In the following calendar for the 2015 Pan American Games, each blue box represents an event competition, such as a qualification round, on that day. The yellow boxes represent days during which medal-awarding finals for a sport are held. The number in each box represents the number of finals that will be contested on that day.

Medal Table


  *   Host nation (Canada)   **   First ever gold medal

Day (–3) – Tuesday 7 July 2015

The first competitions of the Games took place.


Chronological summary of the 2015 Pan American Games Wikipedia

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