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Christian Habicht (historian)

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Christian Habicht


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Pausanias' Guide to ancient G, Athens from Alexande, The Hellenistic monarchies, Die Inschriften des Askle, Cicero der Politiker

Christian Habicht (born 23 February 1926, in Dortmund) is a German historian of ancient Greece and an epigrapher in Ancient Greek.


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After his Promotierung (PhD) at the University of Hamburg in 1952, Habicht was an assistant professor there and after his Habilitation degree in 1957 Privatdozent. In 1961 he became ordentlicher professor at the University of Marburg and then in 1965 moved to the University of Heidelberg. In 1973, Habicht went as a faculty professor to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, where he had already belonged, since the previous year, as a permanent member. At Heidelberg he remained "Honorar" professor. Since 1983 he additionally taught at Princeton University as a visiting professor; he retired in 1998.

Habicht's work focuses on Greek epigraphy and Athenian history in Hellenistic times. He has written extensively on Pausanias and Cicero.

In 1982 Habicht was Sather Professor in Classics at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1991 he received the Reuchlin Prize of the city of Pforzheim, in 1996 the Moe Prize of the American Philosophical Society and in 1998 the Criticos Prize of the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies in London. He is a member of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences (since 1970), the German and Austrian Archaeological Institutes, the American Philosophical Society, the British Academy. and the Academy of Athens. Habicht was co-editor of the series of publications Hypomnemata (1962 to 1996) and the American Journal of Ancient History (1976 to 2000).

Selected works

A complete bibliography of Habicht's writings up to 2002 can be found in volume 32 (2002) of the journal Chiron.

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