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Chinna Papa Periya Papa

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Written by  Radaan Mediaworks
Creative director(s)  Raadhika Sarathkumar
Genre  Tamil soap opera Comedy Drama
Directed by  S.N.Shakthivel Suki Moorthy
Starring  Nalini Nirosha V. J. Chitra Madhumitha
Theme music composer  Dhina (Season 1 and 2) Vijay Antony (Season 3)

Chinna Papa Periya Papasss (Tamil: சின்ன பாப்பா பெரிய பாப்பாஸ்) which previously telecasted as Chinna Papa Periya Papa is an Tamil Comedy soap opera which premiered on 15 November 2014 on Sun TV and airs Saturday evenings at 10.30 p.m . The show stars Nalini, Nirosha, V. J. Chitra and Jangiri Madhumitha in the lead roles. The show is produced by Radaan Mediaworks, Raadhika Sarathkumar and directed by N.S. Shakthivel.



Season 1

  1. Sripriya as Chinna Papa
  2. Nirosha as Periya Papa(Kavitha)
  3. M.S. Bhaskar as Pattabi
  4. Madhan Bob as Vasudevan
  5. Suresh Krishna as Harish

Season 2

  1. Sripriya as Chinna Papa (Ep. 1-51)
  2. Kalpana as Chinna Papa (Ep. 52-104)
  3. Seema as Chinna Papa (Ep. 107-167)
  4. Nalini as Chinna Papa (Ep. 168-216)
  5. Nirosha as Periya Papa (Ep. 1-104)
  6. Devadharshini as Periya Papa (Ep. 168-216)
  7. M.S. Bhaskar as Pattabi
  8. Mohan Raman as Vasudevan
  9. Sarathy as Harish

Season 3

  1. Nalini as Chinna Papa
  2. Nirosha as Kakinada Kanagathurga
  3. V.J. Chitra as Periya Papa
  4. Jangiri Madhumita as Pappu
  5. Kurinji Nathan as Koki
  6. Sesu as Vajju


Chinna Papa (Nalini) is a wealthy women who lives in Chennai, who loves money and does anything to get it (even kill somebody). Periya Papa (V. J. Chitra) is the first daughter in-law of Chinna Papa, she too loves money and does anything do get it. Pappu (Madhumitha) is Chinna Papa's second daughter in-law and she is also fond of money, Pappu is from Andhra and is Telugu. Kakinada Kanagadurga (Nirosha) is Pappu's mother and yet she too is mad about money even though she is rich and other people in Andhra are scared of her. The story is about how Chinna Papa and her Family get money, cheat people, get caught by the police and how they try to get money in many ways.


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