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China (film)

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Director  John Farrow
Music director  Victor Young
Language  English
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, War
Production  Paramount Pictures
Country  United States
China (film) movie poster
Release date  April 21, 1943 (1943-04-21)
Based on  unproduced play "The Fourth Brother" by Archibald Forbes
Writer  Frank Butler, Archibald Forbes (play)
Cast  Alan Ladd (David Jones), Loretta Young (Carolyn Grant), William Bendix (Johnny Sparrow), Philip Ahn (Lin Cho), Iris Wong (Kwan Su), Victor Sen Yung (Lin Wei)
Similar movies  China Sky (1945)
Tagline  Alan Ladd and twenty girls - trapped by the rapacious Japs!

China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a country in East Asia.


China may also refer to:

China region

  • Republic of China, a democratic state in East Asia commonly known as "Taiwan"
  • Republic of China (1912-49), the former state on Mainland China
  • Two Chinas, China and Taiwan and their relationship
  • China proper, Inner China or the Eighteen Provinces: core of China during the Qing Dynasty
  • Mainland China, China excluding Hong Kong and Macau and Taiwan
  • Greater China, China including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan
  • United States

  • China, Indiana
  • China, Maine
  • China, Missouri
  • China, Texas
  • China Grove, Texas
  • China Spring, Texas
  • China Township, Michigan
  • Canada

  • China Beach (Canada), a beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • Klemtu, British Columbia, an unincorporated community formerly known as China Hat
  • Other places

  • Chinatown, sometimes referred to as "Little China"
  • China, Kagoshima, a town in Japan
  • China, Nuevo León, a municipality in Mexico
  • China Mallavaram, a village in India
  • Cochinchina, a region in Vietnam
  • Indochina, a peninsula in South East Asia
  • Parama China Kingdom, a former kingdom north east of the Himalayas
  • Cina, a former kingdom absorbed by Luwu in Indonesia
  • Ceramics

  • Porcelain, a type of ceramic material
  • Chinese ceramics, ceramic ware made in China since pre-dynastic times
  • Tableware, dishes used for serving food and dining
  • People

  • China (footballer, born 1964), or Carlos Alberto Gomes Kao Yien, Brazilian footballer
  • China (footballer, born 1980), or Leonardo Bruno dos Santos Silva, Brazilian footballer
  • China (Portuguese footballer) (born 1982), or João Pedro dos Santos Gonçalves, Portuguese footballer
  • China Chow (born 1974), an English actress
  • China Kantner (born 1971), an American actress
  • China Machado (1929–2016), a fashion model and editor
  • China Anne McClain (born 1998), an American child actress and singer
  • China Miéville (born 1972), a British novelist
  • China Moses (born 1978), an American singer and television host living in Paris
  • China Zorrilla (born 1922), a Uruguayan actress
  • Chyna, or Joanie Laurer (1969–2016), an American actress and former professional wrestler
  • Chynna Phillips (born 1968), an American singer and actress
  • José Ricardo da Silva (born 1939), a Brazilian footballer known as China
  • Edd China (born 1971), a British motor specialist
  • Music

  • China (Vangelis album), 1979
  • China (band), a hard rock band from Switzerland
  • China (China album)
  • "China" (Red Rockers song), a song by Red Rockers
  • "China" (Tori Amos song), a song by Tori Amos
  • China cymbal, a type of accent cymbal
  • China Records, a record label
  • Other uses

  • China (1943 film), a 1943 film directed by John Farrow
  • China (2017 film), an upcoming Indian film
  • Chinas, a people mentioned in ancient Indian literature
  • 1125 China, an asteroid
  • Smilax china, a plant species
  • China, IL, an American animated television show
  • China (Superleague Formula team), a national racing team from China
  • "China" (The Office), an episode of the American comedy television series The Office
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