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Central de Cervejas

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Type  Sociedade Anónima
Headquarters  Vialonga, Portugal
Production output  Beer and Beverages
Founded  1934
Industry  Beverages
Products  Sagres (beer)
Central de Cervejas wwwcentralcervejasptimagesimglogopng
Parent organizations  Heineken International, Heineken España S.A.

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Sociedade Central de Cervejas (SCC) (full name: SCC – Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas, S.A.) is a Portuguese brewery, founded in 1934. Its main output is the Sagres brand of beers. The company has been controlled by Heineken since April 2008.


Central de cervejas 80 anos


Sociedade Central de Cervejas was established in 1934, with the aim of selling the beers produced by the former breweries, Companhia Produtora de Malte e Cerveja Portugália, Companhia de Cervejas Estrela, Companhia de Cervejas Coimbra and Companhia da Fábrica de Cerveja Jansen. In 1935, and after 99 years of activity, Fábrica de Cervejas Trindade was integrated by Sociedade Central de Cervejas (SCC).

Centralcer – Central de Cervejas, E.P. is incorporated in 1977 as a result of the merger of Sociedade Central de Cervejas, S.A.R.L. (incorporated in 1934) with Cergal - Cervejas de Portugal, S.A.R.L. (incorporated in 1972).

Centralcer – Central de Cervejas, S.A. was therefore created as a result of the above-mentioned company’s conversion into a joint stock company, regulated according to Decree-Law no. 300/90 of 24 September. The Company’s total share capital is privatised in 1990, and it is the first operation of this kind to be undertaken in Portugal. The Bavaria Group purchases a shareholding in Centralcer - Central de Cervejas, S.A., and becomes one of its main shareholders.

In 2000, there is a further alteration to the company’s shareholding structure, as a result of its sale to VTR-SGPS, S.A., a group of Portuguese investors (Parfil, BES, Fundação Byssaia Barreto, Olinveste and Fundação Oriente), amongst whom are the inheritors of SCC’s founding shareholders. In its turn and in the summer of the same year, this group assigned a 49% share to the international brewing group Scottish & Newcastle.

In terms of the Group’s organisation restructuring, the merger of Centralcer – Central de Cervejas, S.A. in Centralcontrol S.G.P.S., S.A. (merging company) was concluded in December 2001. The new merged entity changed its corporate denomination to SCC - Sociedade Central de Cervejas, S.A., as well as its head office, which is now located at the factory premises.

In 2003, Scottish & Newcastle purchases Parfil’s total shareholding, assuming total control of Sociedade Central de Cervejas and Sociedade da Água de Luso.

In December 2004, the Company became known as SCC - Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas, S.A., a name that reflects in a better way, the scope of its activity, which not only includes beer, but also other drinks, such as water and soft drinks.

In 2007, after a consortium was set up between Carlsberg and Heineken a takeover bid was made for the acquisition of the Scottish & Newcastle Group. As a result of the negotiations, the acquisition was accomplished, with Heineken taking over the control of Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas (SCC) on 29 April 2008, following the conclusion of the Consortium’s acquisition of Scottish & Newcastle (S&N). This consortium was dissolved after the deal was completed and the traditional healthy relationship between both groups remained untouched.


SCC produces a range of beers, mainly pale lagers. Sagres brand was born in 1940 as a prestige beer, to represent Sociedade Central de Cervejas at the Portuguese World Exhibition inaugurated in May 1940. Sagres is named after a town of the same name, a small village located in the most south-westerly point of Europe, and where sailors learned all about the navigation science. With a similar fate to the caravels that left from Lisbon to faraway lands, Sagres was the first beer to be exported, arriving first in Gibraltar, and moving on to the Azores and the Overseas Territories of Angola, Cape Verde Islands, Guinea Bissau, Sao Tomé and Principe, Timor, Goa, Macau and Mozambique. Nowadays Sagres beer is present in almost every corner of the world, wherever there is a Portuguese community.

Sagres (5,0% abv): is a pale lager (branca) made of 100% natural product, brewed according to exclusive traditional methods with water, malt, cereals which have not been malted and a rigorous selection of the finest hops. No additives or preservatives are used in its brewing. Moderately rich, it has a dry and pleasantly bitter taste. It is light and has a golden colour. Sagres was the first Portuguese brand to launch the Mini version (20cl), a success among consumers because of it small size and constant freshness.

Sagres Preta (4,3% abv): is a dark Munich type of beer, moderately rich, with a pleasant caramel "bouquet". For many, it is "the alternative drink to an immense minority who want to know the difference". For many years, Sagres Preta was the only dark ale in the domestic market.

Sagres Bohemia (6,2% abv): is an auburn beer, with an intense character, fruity aroma, creamy foam and a reddish amber colour. It was launched in 2005.

Sagres Radler (2,0% abv): Launched in 2013, it is the perfect beer for light drinking occasions. Made from Sagres beer together with natural citron juice, it is a medium bodied beer and fruit juice drink, with a straw-yellow colour, mildly opaque. In the palate, a gentle citric taste and odour, and a good acid/sweet balance, giving it a very high drinkability.

Sagres Sem Álcool (0,3% abv): is a light non-alcoholic beer, with a refreshing character and the taste of the Original Sagres beer. It was launched in 2005.

Sagres Sem Álcool Preta (0,3% abv): is a beer type Munich with a strong trace of malt and a smooth bitterness. The first non-alcoholic Sagres dark ale beer was launched in 2007.

Sagres Special Editions: as part of Sagres innovation strategy, once or twice a year special editions with limited quantities are launched to the market. Some examples like Sagres Preta Chocolate (chocolate-flavored dark ale beer), Sagres Festa (regular Sagres with 4,2% alcohol and -2º filtration process) or Sagres Puro Malte (highly selected materials and aromatic hop for demanding connaisseurs) have turned into huge market success.


Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas promotes the Sagres brand through a very strong liaison with football. Sagres has a long-term sponsorship deal with the Liga Portuguesa Futebol, the highest level of professional football (soccer) in Portugal. As a result, the league is officially called Liga ZON Sagres. Besides that, Sagres beer is also official sponsor of many professional teams, like Benfica, Braga, Olhanense and Académica Coimbra. Sagres is also a proudly official sponsor of the Portugal national team since 1993, with over 20 years of unconditional support.


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