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Central Jail Faisalabad

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Location  Faisalabad, Pakistan
Security class  Maximum
Opened  1 July 1971
Status  Operational
Capacity  1010 + 116
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Coordinates  Central Jail Faisalabad, Pakistan.
Population  2798 (as of 3 February 2010)

Central jail faisalabad

Central Jail Faisalabad is a jail in Faisalabad, Pakistan located on Jaranwala road nearly 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) east of Faisalabad city.



The jail was built in 1967 and formally inaugurated on 1st day of July 1971. It was constructed with a view to confine long-term prisoners of Faisalabad Region (except Mianwali and adjoining districts) and to function as Headquarter Jail for subordinate Jail staffers of the region. After creation of four regions of jails in the province of Punjab stationed at Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan and Faisalabad, the role of Headquarter Jail has been shifted from the Superintendent of Central / Headquarter Jail Faisalabad to the regional Deputy Inspector General of Prisons in the year 2004.

Family Rooms

A scheme for construction of Family Rooms, an entirely new concept in Pakistan, for long-term convicted prisoners at larger jails including Central Jail Faisalabad was initiated in the year 2006. After completion of these Family Rooms, the prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment and other long-term inmates will be facilitated to keep their wives with them for three days once in every quarter of a year. The facility shall be provided subject to verification of the good conduct of the prisoner and their family members by the jail authorities, the District administration and the concerned police.

Prison industries

The following prison industries are functioning in the jail to train the convicted prisoners in various trades and handicrafts so that they could earn their living after release form Jail, utilise prison labour in profitable works for benefit of state exchequer, and keep the prisoners busy in useful tasks.

  • Jail Warder Uniform Tailoring / Stitching Unit
  • Prisoner Chadar Weaving Unit
  • Hospital Bed Sheet Weaving Unit
  • Hospital Patients' Blanket Weaving Unit
  • Carpet Knitting Unit
  • Phenyle Manufacturing Unit
  • The total number of convicted prisoner is 1,746 out of which 518 are condemned prisoners (sentenced to death). Out of remaining 1,228 convicted prisoners, 682 have been employed in the Jail factory.


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