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Central American red brocket

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Artiodactyla
Subfamily  Capreolinae
Scientific name  Mazama temama
Rank  Species
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Cervidae
Genus  Mazama
Higher classification  Brocket deer
Central American red brocket httpsc1staticflickrcom213295108020075ee99
Similar  Yucatan brown brocket, Merida brocket, Dwarf brocket, Small red brocket, Pygmy brocket

The Central American red brocket (Mazama temama) is a species of brocket deer ranging from southern Mexico, through Central America, to northwestern Colombia. It was formerly treated as a subspecies of the red brocket from South America, but its karyotype has 2n = 50, while the latter's was initially described as having 2n = 68-70. However, a more recent description gives the red brocket a variable karyotype with 2n varying from 48 to 54. It is sympatric with the Yucatan brown brocket over part of its range. The species is found in primary and secondary tropical forest at altitudes from sea level to 2800 m. In Mexico, it is regarded as an agricultural pest by bean farmers. It is probably threatened by hunting and deforestation.


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