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Dwarf brocket

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Artiodactyla
Subfamily  Capreolinae
Scientific name  Mazama chunyi
Rank  Species
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Cervidae
Genus  Mazama
Higher classification  Brocket deer
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Similar  Merida brocket, Pygmy brocket, Yucatan brown brocket, Little red brocket, Small red brocket

The dwarf brocket (Mazama chunyi), or chunyi, is a small species of deer native to the Andean highlands in western Bolivia and south-eastern Peru, where found in forest and páramo. Its pelage is reddish-brown with dark grey foreparts and neck. The underparts are lighter brown, and the muzzle short and thick. It weighs approximately 11 kilograms.

A little studied species of brocket deer, the IUCN considers the Dwarf Brocket as Vulnerable. Research has occurred in the forests of Bolivia, expanding known localities and modelling geographic distribution; while as much as 40% of the habitat was degraded or fragmented, the rest showed good conservation. This led to the recommendation of treating it as Vulnerable.


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