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Celtis conferta subsp. amblyphylla

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Cannabaceae
Rank  Subspecies
Order  Rosales
Genus  Celtis
Celtis conferta subsp. amblyphylla

Celtis conferta subsp. amblyphylla, commonly known as cotton wood or cotton-wood, is a flowering plant in the hemp and hackberry family. The subspecific epithet comes from the Greek ambly ("blunt") and phyllos ("leaf"), with reference to the blunt or rounded apices of the leaves.



It is a tree growing to 16 m in height, with whitish bark. The thick, leathery, oval leaves are 50–90 mm long, 20–40 mm wide. Clusters of small flowers, 3–4 mm long, appear from November to February. The round, purple fruits are 4 mm in diameter.

Distribution and habitat

The subspecies is endemic to Australia's subtropical Lord Howe Island in the Tasman Sea. There it is widespread in lowland forest. The only other subspecies, C. c. subsp. conferta, is endemic to New Caledonia.


Celtis conferta subsp. amblyphylla Wikipedia

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