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Celebrity Samurai

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Country of origin  Philippines
First episode date  2 October 2011
Executive producer  Manuel V. Pangilinan
Running time  30-45 minutes
Final episode date  10 June 2012
Genres  Game show, Comedy
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Created by  Associated Broadcasting Company
Starring  Joey de Leon Ruffa Mi Wilma Doesnt Mr. Fu
Original language(s)  Filipino, Tagalog, English
Original network  Associated Broadcasting Company (TV5)
Program creators  TV5, ABC Development Corporation
Languages  Tagalog, English, Filipino
Similar  Kapitan Awesome, Pidol's Wonderland, The Biggest Game Sh, Bagets: Just Got Lucky, Lokomoko

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Celebrity Samurai (formerly Pinoy Samurai) is a Comedy Game show hosted by Joey de Leon as Prinsipe Sutsut (lit. Prince Sutsut), Ruffa Mi (Kimonay), Wilma Doesnt (Itimpura) and Mr. Fu (Gaysha), broadcast by TV5 and aired Sundays before Paparazzi Showbiz Exposed.


It features celebrities engaged in different games, obstacles and challenges administered by Prinsipe Sutsut.

The show was formerly called Pinoy Samurai, and featured ordinary Filipinos engaged in different obstacles to become the Pinoy Samurai, who won a reward for up to 150,000 pesos cash.

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Main Hosts

  • Joey de Leon as Prinsipe Sutsut
  • Ruffa Mi as Kimonay
  • Wilma Doesnt as Itimpura
  • Mr. Fu as Gaysha
  • Sumo Kokana

  • Tiny - The giant sumo wrestler
  • Godzira - The not-so-sturdy monster
  • Kulang the Barbarian - The skinny Barbarian
  • Princess Hentay
  • Who Wants to be a Pritong Psychic

  • Joey de Leon as Prinsipe Sutsut
  • Angry Balls

  • Wilma Doesnt as Itimpura
  • Mr. Fu as Gaysha
  • Tsunami Chair

  • Ruffa Mi as Kimonay
  • Joey de Leon as Prinsipe Sutsut
  • Pin The Tail on the Pig

  • Tita Kris
  • K.O.
  • Other Games

  • Putok to Putok
  • Roulette Trap
  • Hiro Bato
  • Ang Tenga Tenga Mo
  • Japajump
  • Apakyaw
  • References

    Celebrity Samurai Wikipedia

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